Looking for Alliance


my name is Bame (ingame daBame) im lvl 41 and im playing for 3 or 4 weeks now. Me and a friend are looking for a activ alliance. My friends name is SpaceLight and he’s lvl 74 at the moment, he’s playing for much longer than me.

We are both very active especially when it comes to Clan wars and ofc we’re also active when it comes to the other stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


btw: we are from germany but english isn’t a problem.


Greetings from Germany


Hey there

I’d like to invite you both to Canada 1867 alliance, we 20+ members and most of them are active during wartime - also we are very friendly towards everyone. Of course, most people are Canadians but it’s not restricted - I come from PL and was appointed as a leader after being active throughout the alliance. It would be nice to have you both within our ranks!

Hi, you can visit the Gem Factory if you want, we are an English speaking clan mainly with players all around the world. :slight_smile:  Although we are a small alliance, we enjoy and have fun together, so join us, the Gem Makers if you are still up for it, and have fun! 

Donations are not compulsory, participation is more important. :slight_smile:

Alliance level: 12

Members: 13 active/17

Rank: ~2300


(ingame: EXtremezz)

Hey Bame,

have a look at the alli 42!

we speak german and english.

hope you Join and help in the next alli war