Looking for an active alliance. Lvl 100 king

I’m highly considering leaving my alliance, ranked among the top 200. Lately l have grown tired of following a strategy that has failed to produce results. While the alliance I belong has a strong crew, it also has too many inactive members that prefer to ride the coattails of others, resulting with the alliance coming short in many war seasons. Because of the strategy in place, we tolerate them much more than what I wish. I am a general in my current alliance but I have no issue starting anew as a soldier. I want to join a group that has active participation from its members and deals swiftly with the uncooperative. I range from 3700-4500 trophies. I donate well, 750K daily. 

I am open to alliances from all backgrounds. Because I am an English speaker, I prefer an alliance that consists of predominantly English speakers. But I do also speak decent Spanish, and some French (and very, very basic Vietnamese). I rarely fought with boosts so I am flexible to fight without them on occasion.

IGN: Sir Boondocks


I have decided on an alliance.

Sir Boondocks,

If you want, you can join my team Genie and Master. You will definitely like it very much with us. Enough of our players do their fights, resulting mostly in winning the season. Our team is very active on chat, helping each other very much and acts like a real virtual family.

We don’t care for boosts, but knights are active 24/7 and most probably war boosts are won. Our device is private life comes first. You can visit our team after this season and find out if you like it with us or not. It’s up to you if you want to stay or not. We also sometimes activate boosts like cannon outside the season to help members making progress in dungeons.

I forgot to tell you about our strategy. When we are clearly the strongest on the map, we follow the “show who’s boss” strategy. start to work our way to the middle and cut map in two parts of 6. Most times we have already won the season on day three. When it’s closer, we go for the number two to make clear who is number one. You probably know that most activity is in the center of the map. So if you aren’t the strongest, stay away from there.


Hello Sir Boondocks,

Tried many times to contact you earlier too but you weren’t available. You are always welcome to Predators. Very competitive alliance, everyone participates in the war. We are a very active alliance, fun and one of the better alliances out there. Inactive players have no place in the alliance. You will love the atmosphere in the team. Everything is balanced.

Nothing more to say but much more to experience. Join us! Sent you friend request in the game.

HI Boondocks,

We are an alliance called Shadow Fall, to be honest with you we are seeking for players that are active, motivated and participate in war seasons. If your interested you can join our   alliance because we are supportive, chat friendly (no cursing allowed) and that’s what an alliance is about. We speak all kinds of languages ( English, Dutch, Spanish, German etc. etc…).


IGN: Vegeta525   


Sir boondocks if what your said are true I have a offer for you :slight_smile:  I leader of rising warriors lvl54 / rising warriorZ lvl25( just make this 6day ago) 

if you want you can join our teams. Let me know if you want to join and which teams

Rising warriors(lvl54) but I not there a lot working on new teams

24/7 boost: knight archer tough Barr wolf orge  bomb tower

Rising WarriorZ (lvl25 I more active in here)

24/7 boost knight+archer we add orge at lvl 35 :slight_smile:

Btw I have add you in friend list we can talk more my IGN: Saleem.com

join this team its the best team in the game

salut :grinning:  chez nous pas de prise de tête, moyenne d’âge 35 ans, on veut des joueurs actifs et sympas :grinning:  on parle surtout français mais un peu anglais car certains joueurs ne parlent que anglais. l’alliance est pour le moment nv 21 volontairement nous monterons une fois plein au nv joueurs. tu peux venir faire un tour cela n’engage en rien .

alliance : Antis0cial 

Hi boondocks! You are exactly what we are looking for and vise versa! 

Our ENTIRE alliance fights ALL war battles abed donates EVERYDAY!

Anyone that doesn’t follow these 2 simple rules is IMMEDIATELY BOOTED! 

We have members from around the world but all speak English! 

We have a great bunch of extremely friendly members, more like a family than a team! 

Come join us, you’ll be glad you did!