Looking for an Active Alliance with Discord Server

  • IGN: _ _scyllax
  • Language:  English
  • Hero level:  81
  • Alliance Tower’s level: Lvl9
  • Availability : Active – Sometimes Active

i am a returning user and wanted to play the game again like after 3 years I think? I played the game during its launch and need a lot of catching up. I would prefer ones with active and resourceful discord server cause having to browse forums using browser is a pain. Thanks

Hello, we use the LINE application throughout our alliance and you are welcome to join (similar to Discord).  I sent you an invite!



Kreator Alliance

Join usachan world.

We use discord and Whatsapp for chats and more. We will be happy to keep you in our alliance. I sent you an INVITE! Accept and Enjoy!

IGN: King Aditya Kumar

usachan world