looking for an active alliance

hey guys, i am a lv 92 king with a daily donation limit of 150k… 

Good luck with that 150k.

Everlasting winter can provide you with everything but the boosts we have paladin boost during war though.

Lol, this guy must be kidding. He asks for many expensive boosts and then to be promoted to general immediately, that’s something no alliance will agree.

And I think it over and over again and he must not be an active player as I’ve never seen him in my life.

Oh, and I bother to reply as he will hate it  :stuck_out_tongue:

you only donate 150k and want all of that.



Lol you’re right. Maybe he noticed it was a dumb post :stuck_out_tongue:

if he were a lvl 106 player with 750k donation and 14% skull perk, would he be allowed to make such demands?

I wonder if I can make this demand 

What I give:

1: got 5 account lvl from 45-95 with donate 750k-1m per day

2: have a lot of leader exp.

want for you:

1:when I join I want to be leader?

2: all member must be lvl 80 with 150k+ donations and all active in war :slight_smile:

3: ally lvl must be lvl40

** I just wonder not going make a deal** I love my ally???


That’s cheating you should only have one account so you can suffer. :stuck_out_tongue:


i guess your right