Looking for an active and friendly alliance

IGN: LcYao

Hero level: 72

Donation: 100k daily

Languange: English, Mandarin 

Hi, I would like to join an alliance which is very active especially during war season (hopefully all members are actively participate the war to help our alliance to win) and of course a chatty and helpful alliance works best for me :slight_smile:  

For your information, I’m a F2P player but I’m active (will not miss donation) everyday and would like to stay loyal to the alliance until the end (of course if the alliance really suits me). Additionally, I won’t demand for any elite boosts as I believe the resources should be saved to help the alliance grow further instead of pursuing those expensive boosts.

Lastly, since I’m still in my current alliance so I will only join your alliance after the current war season and anyone who wish to recruit me please kindly drop a message here and you may add me in game :slight_smile:  Thank you for reading this post and have a nice day !!


You seem to be a good player, you’d be a good addition to Genie & Master. You can add me if you want, IGN: Krman. Right now I’m on another team, but I’ll be back after war.

Hi, I really appreciate your reply :slight_smile:  I’ve added you in game and maybe we can communicate first to let you know more about me XD 


James the anointed (general)


You are more then welcome to join Colors of Hawaii 2. We are a good alliance with 24/7 Knights right now. We did not win our last war do to some not fighting and had to kick some. But a friendly goup.

ign William eric1.

Thank you guys for sending me an invitation  :slight_smile:  I think I will try to visit genie and master first and sorry that I couldn’t accept your invitations… I’m here to wish you all best of luck in recruiting more loyal and active members to help grow your alliance :slight_smile:  

I heard good thing about them and thanks for letting us know!!


I invited you to Venoumous Poison,


we arew a growing alliance and got an higher level now,

so  there are free slots for members.


ATM, we hold the following boosts for wars active:

Knight, Palladin, Cannon Tower (in future Storm cannon too)

And beside that we are looking forward to rise


See you,



Darren795 the leader

come join the dark side


Hi guys, thanks for inviting me… Sorry that I couldn’t accept your invitation since I’m going to apply for Genie and Master… Hope you all can recruit more active and loyal members to fight along with :slight_smile:  I wish you all best of luck!!


good luck

He is not inviting you Darren. He is just letting you know he choose another alliance to join.