Looking for an alliance and friends

I’m fairly new to the game 2 weeks maybe. Wanna learn more strategies and about the game and also get into a new alliance. My current one does pretty much nothing. I’m level 40 and play a lot daily. My friend code is kqzqpvwzu. Pls add me. Tks.

Your ign and alliance level?

Idk what ign means my alliance level is 3 but like I said the alliance I’m in 2nd place in it donations etc.

My alliance does nothing. Sorty

I meant your in game name, and your alliance towers level, my bad

Ign is OgCaz and alliance level is 3

Upgrade your alliance tower as soon as possible, you will get a lot of good invites once you do so.

OgCaz I know what you talkin about I want more from alliance but decided to stay with War Saints coz we are a good fighting alliance and the friends will come .


we are currently full but keep an eye on us and wen u see an opening just join.


fighting in the wars is a must .


donate wot u can and build as u go.  hope to see you soon 


we all in the same ish level range . 30 -70

What is your trophy count? Pantin Pandas is open for recruitment but we ask for a 1500 trophy count