Looking for an alliance for merger in God League

We have a good GL alliance but we’ve lost a lot of members to TL alliances. We’re looking to rebuild to stay in GL. The members are good-natured and easy going, and only require that you make your daily donations and be active and follow makers in wars. Reply if interested and we’ll connect.

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Mention your alliance name.

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I think the team is rise of Kronos , would be a good candidate for a texas 3 team in gods league

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Actually its Texas 3 teams in TL.

This war TR will get promoted in place of Brasil.

Luckey Brasil , tey got 10 plauers and survived in TL.

I can’t find an alliance by the name “Luckey Brasil”

is it “BR BRASIL BR”?

texas first team of god s league must wait , almost , one week more to be texas third team in titans league

Sorry that was for eskroto

It doesn’t look like you have any spaces open to add players