Looking for an Alliance (Hero lv 67; Donations 150k Daily)

IGN: smiles! :slight_smile:

Language: English

Hero Level: 67

Alliance Tower Level: 150k

Trophies: 2650-2750

Availability: Ranges between Active and Very Active

I am looking for Blazing Knights lv 5-6 that are run 24/7. Other boosts would be appreciated but are not necessary. I also want to see good war season participation. The last alliance I was in had only half of its members active in the war season, and I found it unacceptable.



Hi I think this it the 2nd time I try to recuit you. We got all you looking for. I have invite you and add you in friend list if you have any question ask :slight_smile:

Alliance info

Name: Rising Warriors

Lvl 37 going 38 soon

Boost blaze knight 7/7 power archer 4/4 24/7

Lol sorry I forgot about you guys. Send me an invite and I will join


lord of the lords

Raining Diamonds. This alliance was literally just started. Would love to have you and make you a general from the start. The alliance can be built around us. I am an active player looking forward to learing and discussing attack and defensinve techniques.

Raining Diamonds

My IGN is MDizzogg


Alliance Name: Spell Force

Alliance Level: 32

Main Language: English

We use boosted permanent (24 / 7):





join mine (we need 2 active player), just search “wrath of warriors”

Smiles. I am a member of a great alliance! 100% war season participation, Friendly and very helpful enviroment and 24/7 fully boosted archers and knights. But as far as what your looking for I believe Genie and Master has it!

My IGN is ateam4. Come for a visit see if we got what it is your looking for!

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