Looking for an alliance to join? Post in this new forum!

Hi all fans of Royal Revolt 2!


Have you ever tried to find a good alliance but you didn’t know what type of alliance is good for you?


In this new forum, you can talk about yourself following this simple guideline to be clear for the other alliances that want to recruit you!


Create a new thread in this forum and clearly state the following information:

  • IGN: Your name in-game
  • Language: Your prefered language (You can mention this in the thread title)
  • Hero level: Your king level (You should put this into the thread title)
  • Alliance Tower’s level:  1K, 2K, 5K, etc.
  • Availability : Very Active – Active – Sometimes Active
  • (Optional) What type of Elite Boosts are you looking for : Blazing Knight, Power Archer, etc
  • (Optional) Tell us something about yourself!





And most important have fun with the new alliance that you will join !







IGN-- Prince.India




ELITE BOOSTS ACTIVE-- Elite cannons,knights,arblasters,dracomancers,archers.

Hello guys,


im looking for an alliance, it would be nice if its in the Top 10 in the ranking,


i will actively participate in wars and chat

Level almost 91

i have between 4600 - 4800 trophies

Alliancetower maxed

Languages: german, italian, english

IGN: xxSoulBladexx


Send me a PM or an ingame invite, or answer this topic :grinning:

Hi everyone. Lately I’ve been trying different alliances, trying to find what it is I’m even looking for, and… I really want something that’s laid back. I once owned a lower-leveled alliance, where boosts were insufficient. I just tried a top 10 alliance, and spent 5k gems on a battle that we lost. I want something that’s just, you know, laid back, but also productive.

Here’s what I use:

  • Elite Knight

  • Elite Cannon

  • Elite Mummy

  • Elite Barricade.

War preference:

I only like to fight when something is worth fighting for. Like Mummy. Aside from that, I prefer to bleed fiefdoms, so that we’ll have easy opponents whenever an important boost comes around.

What I offer:

500k donation

4.5k trophies

If there’s even an alliance like this that exists. Hardly any can afford mummy, much less anything else. And of those who can afford it, I’ve never found one that wasn’t over-competitive.

If you know a place, please tell me soon. I try to leave only immediately after war seasons, so that my alliance doesn’t have to scramble to find a last-'minute fighter. I repeat, I will only leave my alliance, 3 or more days before the next war season starts.

IGN-Cpt Anjishnu

Lvl 45

Aliance tower-20k

Very active

Only want stormcannon and frenzy frost arblasters

IGN:  Akira Kunisada


Hero level:  62


Alliance Tower’s level:  20K. Will upgrade when i receive more gems.


Availability : Very Active


_ Elite Boosts : _Blazing Knight, Power Archer and Holy Paladin




Currently in a different alliance so will join after the war season ends. 

i found my home in rising warriors!!

IGN: AbcdefJi


Hero level:  57


Alliance Tower’s level:  50k (will upgrade whenever I have the gems, first I’m saving up for the bundle worth 750 gems, I need those extra troop and spell slot)


Availability : Very Active


(Optional) What type of Elite Boosts are you looking for:

Hey guys i’m looking for an active alliance.


King level- 65

Donation- 50k (Will upgrade to 75k within 2 days as my workers are busy atm)

Trophies- 2390


I’m very active and will get 2000+ sculls in wars.


Looking for : Blazing knights and Power Archers 24x7 

Hi im hexefy in game

im a level 3 king

and I am geting level 2 thoun room now

I would like an alliance that will help me but not want me to do every thing

im on mondays to thursdays or

mondays to Saturday

3 players between 1000-1500 trophies looking for other players. We are English speaking and very active. I donate 100k per day.

We have an alliance “Divine Vengeance”, but are willing to drop our alliance to partner with the right team.

Contact FrostyB if you are interested in joining with us or making a place for us.

IGN: Sky Fighters


Hero level:  43


Alliance Tower’s level:  25k


Availability : Very Active


IGN: Alex The Slayer


Hero level: almost 21


Alliance Tower’s level:  1K


Availability :  Active

My brother is leaving the game soon so I need an alliance

Ign- Zohaib The King

Hero level - 75

Very very active

Eligible to score as a champion

Preferred language - English

Donation - 150k ( in 1 day , upgrade already started)

Preferred boosts - Knight , archer , werewolf, traps , bombers, ogre , barricades, and war boosts - frosters and pyromancers prolongers

apply to rising warriors!


Any alliance here from the Philippines?

private msg.

Currently General of Blood and Glory.


LVL 60

50k Donation


2000+ trophys


Just looking for Opportunity to join a Growing And active alliance Top 500 Preffered. Elite boosts nice but not necessary.

Newbie looking for alliances

IGN: Conan the King

Language: English

Current level: 3

Alliance tower level: ruin (haven’t built it yet)

Availability: sometimes active

I joined cuz my wife’s an avid player. She’s my first alliance but I desperately need more!