Looking for an Alliance

Hi guys/girls, just wondering if there are any alliances looking for active members. Been playing for just over a week or two.

Play on iOS 7.0.4

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Good idea for a thread. Instead of alliances always coming posting in hope people join, a thread where people can advertise what they can offer and see if alliance members pick them up, They might have to battle it out depending on what type of players are up for grabs. Trophies or cash donations, If you can deliver on both I suggest you create your own alliance.


So to the guy above, no not god, this guy^^ maybe you could post details of your account like trophies/how much you can donate and will in the future. Are you a paid or free player. Stuff that gives alliance members an idea whether you’re an ideal candidate.

can u plz tell me ur level of alliance tower and yr player level and trophies?

If you can donate everyday (sometimes once in two days) and you have more than 1500 trophies then you are free to join me : AshesOfFire

0rder 0F Phe0nix 

use zero instead of o if u r searching the name.

plz join if u an active member…  :slight_smile:

Woops sorry.


Level 26 Currently in gold league three star 819 Trophy’s

Alliance Tower level 5 ( Currently being upgraded) Will donate every 8/10 hours. May also donate with real money. Time zone is +9:30 (Adelaide, Australia) Kik messenger: ThaCyclops Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

join my alliance

name is “intense”

all players welcome