Looking for an experienced alliance

I would very much like to play the game in an alliance that actually communicates (chats) with one another and that uses our donations for the good of the entire alliance. One that offers guidance to each other from what they learn in battle, and is active. 

I’m currently accession level 49 with 2300 trophies and in a 50 ish ranked alliance. 

My name in game is the same as here… Make me an offer I can’t refuse!  :wink:

well i cant give exlusive offer to you your level is to high for me. Anyway i have same goal as yours i deleted this game earlier due to lack of members and commination but im back. Currently alliance in a bad shape bit i will try to fix that. If you want check chosen elites

Get your trophy level and ascension up a bit and apply to red squadron later :slight_smile:

u have line app?  if so send me message. id is squills   i am general of worlds end

behalf of seal, you are very wellcum. please apply .

I’m officer of alliance Renewal Warriors.  We are currently looking for members in the 2000-2500 trophies range. We are ranked 367 and have 24 torches. 

If interested, please join our recruitment forum on discord and present yourself.

https://discord.gg/JEsWDwb . Install app, join and present yourself



Did you find yourself a home yet?

If not we would be happy to have you among our ranks?

»»Gerger««  Four Horsemen -  Officer