Looking for English speaking active alliance (lvl 40)

I am addictive to this game! I’m new but I’m an active player and learn fast! I’m level 40 and looking for an alliance who is chatty and helpful I donate always and I like to war!!


In case you’re still looking, I’m in a very active and uprising alliance! We’ve been quite nailing in every war we play! :slight_smile:

I’m a long time player, but decided to help potential alliances instead of staying in the high ranks, and I’ve been looking exactly for ppl like you - addictive! ?

If you’re interested, check out for TitansDeath in-game…

@oyuna, Come join ST. KENSINGTON, we have 8 divine blessing active for two weeks, you MUST have at least 50,000 daily gold donation and participate in war, that is all we need from you. :slight_smile: