looking for English speaking alliance

morning all, been checking this game out for the last week or two and decided it was worth spending more time on so I’m looking for an active alliance who is open to newer members working up with them.

currently sitting at circa 1500 points lvl 40 after just under 2 weeks and looking to keep that growth curve if possible. Have plenty of experience with other similar games so hit me up if your interested. 


IGN - Mhorb





Hello i would like to introduce our guild to you - Herr der Greife. We are currently ranked 287th. Attendance in war and daily donations are required( the gold loss doesnt really hurt anyone on any level). You can join discord for easier communication - link is in the picture below.

Anyway i hope you ll have a good time playing the game  :grinning:

Hello there sir why don’t you come over to my alliance? We are Kingdom of Pain 66 we only have a few simple rules: donate everyday and participate in all alliance wars that’s it. We are in need of members what level you are doesn’t matter to us we all started in the same place so come and grow with us we love this game and play daily so come find your alliance home with us.