Looking for female players! :D

Hi, Ovoneus here, leader of Angelic.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of people coming and going from my alliance, claiming that they joined because they, quote, “thought there’d be more women here,” and then being disappointed when there’s only one girl. Men and women alike search for Angelic looking for a a more feminine, calmer, sociable environment, so we believe that women would be a major asset to our recruitment.

So, what do we have to offer in return?

  • Lv.23 alliance and growing fast!

  • High donators. We currently have two 500k donators, myself included, which is why we’re able to grow so fast and afford so much [:

(We also have our eyes set on 3 other 500k donators. 2 of which are without guilds, one of which is in a Lv.26 guild. So we’ll probably get at least one more here soon)

  • No idea what gold boost we’ll have… We currently have 8 spots unfilled, so it’s impossible to predict •~•

  • Boosts! (:< Like I said, we’re pretty rich for our level, so we can typically afford 24/7 Tough Barricades, plus other daily boosts such as Storm Cannons, Blazing Knights, plus War Boosts.

  • We’re civilized. We have no tolerance for profanity or harassment. We aim to provide a safe environment above all else.

What do we value?

  • Trophies

  • Donations

  • Sociability

  • War participation

You need at least 2 out of the 4… 3 out of the 4 if you’re a guy, because men are meant to protect women~ <3 As long as you do your fair share, or give others more reason to log on so that they do their fair share, you’re in (:

P.S. In case this thread seems controversial, it was Ashura’s idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol xD xD


ovo!! i didnt mean looking only female player


it just short story when i join angelic


i search angels i thought this guild have many female player 


it will be nice to change the mood… (its not just me who thought this too and they surprised)


but i like in here so i decide to stay instead search another angel :stuck_out_tongue:

i want to help player in angelic despite with only king level 69  


they are nice people and funny in here just want to help having fun play royal revolt

and grow together with the alliance  :slight_smile:

so long story short


we are in the wars


we need you who active and like this game


you didnt need to be a girl to join but female player is welcome too


what we want is you need to participate in the wars helping us

and active 


we didnt need high level hero/heroine or bunch of trophy

but you need to have strong defense or high donation

and of course high level is very welcome in here

we have many active boost right now


we will help you to design your base, upgrade or anything else


ovo the leader is really glad helping enthusiastic player




and in case you get bullied a lot of raid more than 20 raid by same player we will help you get it back



and ovo told me to add this


" we even will help you if you just broken hearted and you know your boyfriend/girlfriend ign we will raid him till they dry"

(ovo said that with evil laugh… like frieza)


but what if girl asking and her boyfriend is sn1kt or shyong?


“no! you must be mistaken!! here take elite boost and raid someone else!”



…sorry i’m joking

i didnt mean to offense 


but i’m serious will help you and ask youto join in our alliance




soo come on we will wait you in there!!



thanks to flare and of course sn1kt, opelle, flothaboss and jason w 


who always give advice and share knowledge in their youtube channel so player can become strong!!


hope you always help us in the future



ps: can you change this thread name??



hello today we reached max members in angelic in just 1 day


we are sorry we cant accept some of you


but worry not in the next if we have available slot we will update in this thread


thank you and good luck all


ps: hey ovo see? i told yaa, 

        controversial always workin