Looking for Friends

In Need of in Game Friends!


Hey this my first blog ever! Whooo, I’m just a random depressed person with to much time on their hands, please be my friend. Oh gosh that sounded pretty pleading- is that even proper englishu- I don’t know. My user name is Queen Kaily, you can also find me on the Facebook I never use and only made for this game. I really don’t care about your personal lifeu and just want to text chill random strangers while I play online games, that’s a normal want/ need? Right?

If you are a child predator please stay 1,000 feet away!


Hopefully we become friends soon! See you guys on the other side!

Yeah! gratulations for your fist post. Good luck in finding friends and guys to talk with. I am sure RR2 is the right platform to do so.

Sometimes it also happens by finding a good alliance where the chat is full of good topics.

My name is Ariella8 and I would be pleased to be your friend.