looking for good alliance

i’m searching for a good alliance to join, possibly top 100:




alliance tower:75k (soon reaching 100k)

trophies: 3200-3400

i’m very active

i’m not used to elite boosts, so i’ll adapt my defence and my gameplay style to whatever boost is available

let me know

Hello flamer shadow Fall has a vacancie we are lvl 38 and a very active alliance and will win this war season my IGN is Naomi Cerna

Hey flamer Check out Genie and Master. my IGN: ateam4

Flame come stop by during the offseason. See if our alliance suits you. I must say its a awesome group of people and think you would enjoy it. Hope to see you.


Genie and Master

join mine (we need 2 active player), just search “wrath of warriors”

The best advice I can give you is visiting some alliances first, before making any decision that you might regret later. One of my members ateam4 already suggested this and with a good reason. He also visited us first and never regret his decision, he likes it very much with us, but like I said the decision is yours.


Figure out where you feel comfortable most and only then make your decision. Don’t let boosts or other seducements be the main reason why you join an alliance, main reason should be that you like the team and have a good feeling there. In my team all members behave like a virtual family, we are there for each other, during good and bad times.


During cooldown visitors are always welcome. So I give you the opportunity to figure out yourself if you like it or not and that’s the best advice I can give you.


You are important and you should feel happy.