Looking for helps from Flaregames on Royal Revolt 2 Wiki

Hello everyone,


As you may know, i’m oPelle the admin of the Royal Revolt 2 Wiki with the other admin KingMartin123 we worked together for long time, then recently i had very few chance to meet again him in the wikia but in the meanwhile i had other good guys which helped me to fill the wikia as completely as possible so far.

But even if we are in 2015 and the game is born long time ago there are still lot of things to understand, fill things, etc, and we are however still low guys which contribute for this Wikia (source of ispiration from lot of players to understand mechanisms of game level of towers/spells/troops etc).

There are still many inconsistencies in some pages, and also lot of values need to be put because each of the contributors of this wikia have their own account, but of course we can’t know every upgrade time, cost, level, damage, health of hero at certain level, etc if we don’t progress in-game. We are still here to fill many things never touched before of some pages that could be very simply filled in few minutes but from which, we don’t have lot of material to get those, because only developers can know.

So i’m here to ask this big effort: i don’t know if you Staff from Flaregames is allowed among you to spend your time also on other things like fill a wiki, because i think that if you do also this plus thing (that is help to correct and fill with the values, the data of the Royal Revolt 2 Wikia) you need to be paid more or i’m wrong and you can do it freely?

I ask you this thing because you (developers) are the only one that can know all the exact values of spells, towers, etc, and we players do as much as we can, but of course not all things, as i said before, are completed at 100%. Lot of people messaged me because they liked the job i did so far on the wikia, but i always feeling the lack that i and the contributors need more people to fill and complete it because we lost lot of time and there are still things incomplete.


So if any staff of flaregames would like to contribute on the wikia help us to fill it “completely” i’d thank you very much !

I’m willing to help, idnlove to assist the new players of rr2 who are curious of how to do something other than posting things here and just look it up there

I just created a pinned post for Royal Revolt 2 links here and added your wikia page!

This should attract more users and maybe even a dev or two :slight_smile: