looking for home (alliance)

game id -: vinaysir

hero lvl -: 91

donation -: 250k


looking for a new alliance (war alliance).

read this and add me or apply to become a great dark knight !


Hi here are our rule if you like you can message me in game: Saleem.com

1: must do 10/10 per battles (all lvl)

2:if busy let us know in ally chat  or will Kik thank :slight_smile:

ally name: burnantor (lvl55)/// Rising warriors (lvl 57)


boost in burninator : K+O+W+canno+ barr

Boost in RW: not sure lol my general are running it as leader 

thanks for your post i will apply in your alliance soon


my alliance or his

not yours buddy…sorry

may be in  Rising warriors or in  burninator

GO away fire. You stole Burninator. Maybe consider sayings its your ally. its not


Darksoulalliance, we have 6 24/7 boosts. Knight, archer, barricade, bomb tower, ogre and wolf. We are level 43

Join Nuovalpeas II. We are level 57 and boosts by default are barricade, knight, bomber, canon, wolf and ogre. Send me a friend request so we can talk. My IGN is Mas Miikael II. 

Hope to see you in our ally soon ?