looking for low level alliance

  • IGN: LUCIFER2502
    Language: English Hero level: 68 Alliance Tower’s level: 50K. Availability : Very Active – Active What type of Elite Boosts are you looking for : Palladin and any others is a bonusLooking to join low level or under 15 fiefs alliance,here to assist with alliance but already have active players for war seasons. I have 2500k trophies.

Join India 2  

Hi, If you still haven’t found any alliance then consider joining Little HUNS. It is part of HUNS Alliance and many senior players in the game are playing in Little HUNS with their low level accounts so u can be sure to get good advise about base design and stuff. Currently we have the war boosts on and we will activate Blazing Knights boost during coming war season. We have 23 fiefdoms and next war is expected to be hard. If interested just apply in game or contact me here. 

New alliance needs good foundation. Join SINGLED OUT!


The Kinship is level 18 and has 17 fiefdoms. Not sure what is low for you but would appreciate any help! We speak mostly English; some members speak other languages.

They just sent me an invite, Don’t know why they thought I would leave mine which ranks 390, lol

You are welcome to join the warriors6. Send request to join

join mine (we need 2 active player), just search “wrath of warriors”

Suicidesquad6969 is looking for warriors not people who just donate and forget about the war. Thanks look me up or message me here

Join ‘Just Fer Killin’

Rank around 1000, have 25 member capacity. 17 fiefdoms.

we boost holy paladin, tough barricade and bomb towers.

Request in game! Cheers