Looking for new Alliances

Hi guys,

I’m Domos. I’m looking for new Alliances which have Elite boots ( encourage Blazing Knight  24/24 or 12/24 ) , rank 300 ~ 500 , gold bonus 20% or higher , Alliances lv about 15 or higher .

And this is my account information :

_Name : [L]eonidas

_Lv : 60

_Alliance tower : lv 7 ( donate 75k per day ) . I promise I will donate everyday.

_ Troopies : 2200


I hope that I will find a new Alliances -good family . Thanks for reading

My alliance




if you want you can send me request,but before that let me clear we are more focused on upgrading the alliance than using boost.we use boost specially storm cannon and boosted barricades but not so often.we are donating without boosting so that our alliance can grow.if you accept this you can send me request.

Hi Rock 619


Thanks for inviting . But I have found my new alliance



Hi ROCK619


Thanks for inviting. But I have found my new alliance so I can join ur alliance. Sorry, maybe in next time I will …