Looking for players that actually play.

I’m looking for reliable players look for Sumcronic420 ??? also add me as a friend Sumcronic1 and alliance is lvl 8 almost 9 can have 13 members as of now but more slots are going to be open because I may be kicking some out

Hey, starting an alliance is harder than ever before right now and, in fact, it’s almost an impossible task. If I were you I’d try and join a mid level alliance and meet players and make friends there. It’s the best way to have fun in the game

Hate to discourage you but I’m in a level 45 alliance and our turnover is about 50% every month.  Yes, I have tracked this to see how bad it is.  I think we have a very good alliance and boosts.  I agree with @AwesomestKnightest it is extremely hard to start an alliance today because I think most players are casual players who don’t participate.  Those that do participate I think are looking for full-time boosts with Celestial Phoebe but they themselves have very low alliance donation levels and want everything someone else worked hard to achieve.



bring your best players to my alli and we can figure out if we are a good fit.

we require 3 more players to join the conquest.

if we are not a good match you can go back to creating your own alliance after the conquest




Leader of option2wiccan 

If you do indeed go back to trying to make your own, then you should check out this thread made by @oPelle

It will help you get members if you present your alliance well!

I’m up to 10 had a full alliance but kicked some out so need 4 people now and hopefully I can make it to conquest but if not there always next time


Hey, that’s great! Keep on inviting members and hopefully you’ll be able to participate!! Good luck!

Forgoten Knights could use your help , we are mid level and have 4 that will fight , need some more to get into wars , I have spoken with you be4 , would like your presence . We do provide boosts when needed or requested . We just need loylty , commitment and friendship.


I will think about KingEdwin. I have been in Alpha Guard since January or February (excusing the 4 months off from April-August when my laptop was broken), so they are really my home alliance. However, I may join your alliance and help you out sometime in the near future. Until then, cheers! ?

We want reliable players here too , mabe ya should merge with us ? we got beasts and boosts , lets put it together and build an awsome team?  Tried to friend you but no response. But we do play hard , its all for the team effort , all for 1 and 2 for all !


same here to many bench warmers,and sometimes players I need fighters!!!