Looking for PRO alliance - Join TiTaNz!

Level 74 with 3600’s trophies and active looking for 25%+ gold boost. 

Try Axel knights.

Oh well I’ve formed this new alliance called TiTaNz, if you are interested you are welcome to join.

level required is 70+ and trophies 3500+ 

Can admins edit the topic title pls. 

Hey my alliance offering 29% gold boost… If your interested PM me and I will give you the alliance name so you can join… However all members are required to donate gold whenever they can and be active

Title edited. For further title edit requests please PM me with the exact new title and I’ll change accordingly (unless I get too many requests, which I doubt).

Thnx pyromancer! 

@ drperps, I will try with my alliance for now, if it did not work out I will pm you, thnx. 


Is there a reason not to post your alliance name? Why so secretive?

I like Axel noobs

This is my daily scores on them

Try mesut sarıkırmızı on Facebook :slight_smile: