Looking for Recruits

DWF (Divided We Fall) is looking for players who like to have fun playing the game with a desire to win, and a willingness to show up for war dates. We have quality, veteran leadership and can answer and advise on most any topic about the game.
We are looking for players with an ascension level of 80 or higher, and a donation level of at least 50K.
You can reach us on the line app if you are interested in joining us. Look for id Angeltonson, or TJ.
You can use the game Olympus Rising interface to look up any team member. I’m Jensarrius in the game.

I’ve provided a screenshot which I hope will answer some of your questions.

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1st mistake: No Alliance Name Mentioned (How people will search you)
2nd Mistake: No alliance level mentioned
3rd Mistake: Current alliance members not mentioned
4th Mistake: Boost information not given (for what people will join you… for the leader… fck)
5th Mistake: Any beast available? People search for beast, probably Celestial Phoebe (not mentioned)
6th and the biggest mistake: Requirements: level, donation, or something else…

So, completely on the whole, this is a no use topic because it dont mentions anything, not even about the alliance. SO, the editor, @TYJ please reedit this topic again, including the above things, making it more useful.

I think the alliance name is his title, as for Celestial Phoebe, RR2 can keep that joke aspect of the game…

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I’m new to this and really don’t care for social media. I’m just trying to help my team recruit. I appreciate the evaluation and criticism. However, you’ve provided no useful means as to how I should correct my errors nor advice on how to use this interface.

Thanks again, but I find myself still wondering how to use this interface. Great eval.


Look much better now! Good job!

Thank you, I’m still green but I do my best. Plus, I’m not a young buck. Put it this way I watched the Jackson Five perform live when I was 14.

Haha, I got MJ during the glory days, right after that.

In any case, I don’t know the ages of most here, but I do see kids nowadays do not have any respect or common courtesy or decency. They all seem to feel they are the best, and it’s a take or leave it situation. There is a motto out there, “be yourself, no matter what”… they really forgot to add to say, “without hurting or disrespecting others”… That ruined the generation of millennials. It’s like they/we told them to act reckless. It’s stupid for me.

Add my mini account if you have a spot, I’ll join you at some point, if I am still here: FTYEUXLXU

Ok, I got to watch Reggie Theus, Artis Gilmore, and the MJ team. I from the Chi, born and raised. I live in the mountain west now, but I still love my city.
I agree the youth are reckless at times, but I’m an optimist who believes they will come around.
I think I tastefully addressed that matter though. Thanks for the support. I’m not on here a lot, but I will be checking it periodically for recruits.
Take it easy until next time.

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Archimides, what is an invitation code? Is this code and the Titan code one in the same?

Archimides, is this post in the right location for everyone to see? Don’t quite understand this interface yet.

It’s in the right place, there just seems to be a lot less traffic since the forum moved. Or it’s just summer slowdown.

Ok, thank you, I value your input. Hope you are having a blessed day. Take care.

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Sorry, I have been fading away from the game and forum. Yes, its a titan point code, but also a way to keep track of someone (not many easy ways unfortunately)

Here is a new one if you have space: PVXVIHFEB