Looking for reliable, active, strong players!

xTwistedKrakkenx is looking for 3 more reliable, strong members! English is preferred language but you don’t have to speak or understand English. 

  • Alliance Name-xTwistedKrakkenx
  • Alliance Level-18
  • Rank-1,288
  • Gold Bonus-19%


  1. Must be at LEAST lvl 50
  2. Must be able to Donate at least 75k gold to the alliance.
  3. Must donate at least 5 days a week
  4. MUST do at least your TOP 3 Battles in each War in War season.


Lastly do NOT bug me about making you General, especially if you are new to the alliance. I don’t need a bunch of Generals right now. Those that prove their worth in War Season an donate constantly an speak decent English will eventually be considered.

Come join us an have fun growing with us!

2 spots left^