Looking for serious, loyal knights to join!

Hello xTwistedKrakkenx (Lvl 12 Alliance)  is looking for 13 more serious, loyal knights! I started up this alliance with my friend. I have 2 accounts in this alliance. (Majorbig, an eric.sperry2).

We prefer Kings lvl 18+ but might accept slightly lower lvl players if your’e a serious player. Once we are able to participate in War, you MUST do at least your Top 3 Battles with full 3 Crowns. If the war is a close one then you will need to do all your battles.

There is no minimum Donation limit right now. There will be in the future tho as we grow. You MUST donate at least 3 times a week. Main language is English in this Alliance. 

However you do not need to speak English or speak at all but we encourage you to speak in the chat. Come check us out, give us a chance. Lets have some fun!

Also General positions will be given to those that I feel have earned it. 

Hope you join us :slight_smile:

Update 10 Spots Left

*Update 5 Spots Left

*Update 3 Spots Left

*Update 1 Spot Left