Looking for serious players only to join this alliance

Alliance: Northern Killaz

active members 8/15

This Alliance needs more serious active members ASAP! I stay providing the alliance with elite boosts daily for knights, archers, and defense archer towers as well. Out of the 8 members only about 3 are active.

This alliance can really improve and move to the top of the rankings if I could recruit Serious members who play throughout the day and kick members as better members join so the alliance can lock in a solid lineup. No application to join just find the alliance and join! If you have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to contact me and reply to this post

I’m the sole member for Boomshakalaka I run boosts knight archer and towers so don’t want to leave my 5 million go to waste can yous jump over. I’m going to ask similar posts who together could compete in war