Looking for suggestions on Mummy Perks

So I just got Mummy lvl 4, and was wondering what perks to focus on for the Mummy. Speed Resistance (Blunt I think) Attack Rate


Speed for make a fake copy of Nimble Mummy, it won’t surely reach that speed but it is surely better have always a mummy that run faster in attack & defense, right?

Blunt Resistance by Sonic Blast of Course but with few Blazing Knights you can already kill it instantly so i’d do at the end.

Attack Rate might be very interesting ! Since it deals a very quickly attack, you can imagine it attack faster as hell! I’d go with this!

i went with attack rate as well, since running speed is a little less important for units that are already insta.  They die instantly to anything that causes fire damage so attacking faster might let it at least get off a big poison hit before any source of fire melts them.

I went with speed because even if they insta spawn they soon lag behind the king. Looks funny but works nicely