looking for top alliance

looking for a good alliance around rank 40 and up that uses english as main language in strategies or anything else,

level 122

skull perk 29.6

trophies atm the time around 4900-5000

( before the update it was around 5200-5100 )

 im looking for a regular spot and some mentoring kinda bit lost after the update

What is now…matters :slight_smile:

Hey @honeybadger friend me. Alpha Guard is recruiting now. English alliance and lots of fun. We use line as well. Come join us.

We share everything we can with all of our members and our leadership is top notch.


Boost Busters welcomes you to check us out. We are a teaching alli and have a great team of players. We have a Facebook page and very active chat group. We are not playing in next conquest.  Contact Josie B Royal . 


Hey man, you should apply to Alpha Guard, we’d love to have you!!

Contact a general in game and send an application! We’re a very active alliance!!


Join REVENGE PARTY. We are in the middle of a war and we’d love to have your service. Thank you!

You can join “The Lost Sheep”…friend me in game “Mighty Anurag1”

U can also join exiled…if u willing to stay…u leave so early all the time if u know that u gonna stay…we can have u