Looking for War Alliance Lv34 Throne 4

Hey guys. I am new to the game. Probably a week. But I understood the game basics and all. So I would like to join an alliance who loves these wars. I am active in war and will bring loads of skulls.

Need an alliance where people are near my level and all are active in war. And please a leader who knows which block to hit next. :wink:

I will do my part of donation (2k now, but soon more) and bringing skulls. English language based alliance only. In game name is Faze74. Currently in an alliance who plays war good, but only half the members participate.

Btw I’m a social guy and will chat a lot. If you can keep up! :stuck_out_tongue:

I will join when this war season ends

Alliance might be good for you…

The Snapes

Interesting in making your our teams :grinning:

You can join us “Allegiant” our recruitment criteria is higher bt we would make and exception :slight_smile:

Castleblack Inc. most members are 1000 to 2000 (approx) trophies . signed James the anointed, leader of Castleblack Inc. Be Feared !

Eternal Billzard

buff blazing knight 24/24

Me and my husband run Shadows of Carnage. You are more than welcome to join us if you’re still looking.

Join “Double In” (level 20)