Looking For Warriors (2 years activated boosts:)

Looking for +100 level active players for Wars. We have only 1 rule; just be active for wars. Donation or Trophies not matter. We activated boosts for years already :slight_smile:

We have groups on Telegram, Whatsapp or Line. You ll join one of them or not, it doesnt matter if you are active for wars and following war orders.

Write yo ur in game name here if you are a good warrior; we ll invite you.

Add me. I am a player with rank 100 and 5700+ trophies and 250K donation. I am very active and have good defense for my level. My in game name is RadioBat

We are looking for players around 120 Ascension level.We have all divine blessings activated for a year and some for two or three years.

If anyone interested in joining us leave your In game name here or just look for my IGN and send your invite to the team.

All are welcome join us we don’t care about trophies or donation level.

Just stay active during wars  and always try to win the last Titan chest.That’s all.

Also we have a line group made up of our alliance members only.If you need help with the game or just want to chat,talk to us about anything beside Olympus rising,you are most welcome.