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When I saw the erroneously listed 30 days until the next ninja event, I was kind of relieved. I didn’t like the tension of potential game crashes, and when the crashes finally happened the ninja event was a complete letdown because I felt like I could have gotten first. Then I just didn’t care anymore.

What’s your final reaction to this event?

Not bad, but definitely the crashes made life impossible for some people.

Since I had almost no wifi, I could only raid two islands, since I logged in when the event almost was finished. So I can’t give my opinion. The two islands were just fun to play.

I am looking forward to the next event, so that I can play this event next time.

thats great and didyou get compensated…oh yes …isnt that wonderful

Love the event,  was fun,  thx,  about time flare :slight_smile:

The ninja event was/is fine, because i had/have a higher chance to get uber chests than in wars.
As long as they keep the last 3 Islands reachable and with uber chest rewards, i’m fine.
I don’t care about the ranking (and rewards), as i don’t want to compete with the CoF gemmers.

If not for the crash, I think everyone would’ve vote that its a fun event

Fun.  Just don’t spend one gem. And enjoy the rewards with nothing to loose until the bugs are fixed

Overall I enjoyed the event although I spent some gems but yeah, Flare needs to fix the crash issue & rework the cooldown a bit.

It has  what it needs to be fun… but the scheduling of access to levels needs work…

There is no reason a fixed 10- 20 minutes a level could not be done so people could complete 10 bases a evening.

The way they think about peoples lives and the time they think their average player has to participate is just so off base.

Yes there are the exceptions but they are not the mainstream users. In any other situation in life if this type of scheduling was used

Everyone would say they are on drugs and demented. Not that they are… but it really makes you wonder about their ability to have a broader perspective.



It has nothing to do with “a broader perspective”–it has to do with sleaze tactics to get you to spend gems (so you buy more).

You know, this could be a very fine, fun event. But it’s $#*+ like that that leaves a bad taste behind. So is posting a company-sponsored video showing the “player” going back to redo an island–without mentioning that doing so will keep that player from competing on future islands. More sleaze.

Why on earth would a company want to be known as sleazemeisters, doing everything they can to deceive and trick their player base into spending money? Word of mouth is probably the single most powerful advertising tool there is and given the sheer number of people who leave the game after starting, I’m sure it is more of the “wash your mouth out with soap” than something you’d brag about. Is that the kind of company you want to be Flare? Because you’re getting that reputation.

“So is posting a company-sponsored video showing the “player” going back to redo an island–without mentioning that doing so will keep that player from competing on future islands”


This is what annoyed me the most :slight_smile:

The fact that you have to spent a buttload of gems on cooldowns OR planned your life for three days around this game makes this event a bad one.

If they don’t fix this (plus the goddamn crashes) you can count me out of this event.

To be true, the cooldown system puts office-goers & students at a serious disadvantage. One is not mad to lose job after this. The so-called toilet breaks will land you at Flare’s office begging for a job. As a free level 80 player, I know that in my league, I can get a perfect score, don’t mind opening some CoF too but cooldown is the bad part.

I really feel for the ones who experience crash issue. Hope Flare solves it or gives better compensation.

Everything else in the event was enjoyable. No complaints. A good feature & I appreciate it.

I will have to find a ninja event which is Friday to Monday to make the perfect score.

I have a suggestion which I’m writing in bigger size to attract attention

@Alysea This is a suggestion for Flaregames. Let the cooldown times be same but Let the boat travel similar islands, There are 6 of them - Turtle, Parrot, Mermaid, Whale, Shark & Kraken for example-

  1. The event starts, the boat according to the cooldowns will travel till the 1st ship, Dinghy in 50 mins.


Count Island/Ship Name Cooldown Time Cumulative Time
1 IconIsland Turtle Reef Time 0m Time 0m
2 IconIsland Turtle Archipelago Time 5m Time 5m
3 IconIsland Turtle Island Time 10m Time 15m
4 IconIsland Turtle Hideout Time 15m Time 30m
5 IconShip Dinghy Time 20m Time 50m


  1. You need to conquer Dinghy to make the boat travel till Schooner. It is basically the whole group like turtle/whale & the boat. This goes on till Dreadnought.


| 6 | IconIsland Parrot Reef | Time 30m | Time 1h 20m |
| 7 | IconIsland Parrot Archipelago | Time 40m | Time 2h |
| 8 | IconIsland Parrot Island | Time 50m | Time 2h 50m |
| 9 | IconIsland Parrot Hideout | Time 1h |

Time 3h 50m

| 10 | IconShip Schooner | Time 1h 10m | Time 5h |


Firstly, I thank @oPelle for the helpful Wikia data which I have used.

What this does is you sleep overnight after completing dinghy, the next day you can do battles till schooner, saving time. You can always pay gems to skip all of that too to complete everything at night.

How is the idea?

Hi kkstar,

You make some good points…

Though I still think you should be able to complete 10 fights a day in a 4 hour window. Given that people work, sleep that’s about the only realistic window. And yes people will still pay to speed it up… but you will have greater participation. Unless they want it just for the 5% that will pay… a reasonable window for completing levels is needed.

I am sure Flare does not like its employees playing other games in work time. A bit of civic/corporat responsibility is needed here.

I was trying to login 20 minutes before the event started and have at least tried for 1.5 hours till I read the message on the forum that the servers were down. At that moment I had wifi for a very short while during my vacation.

I didn’t ask for any compensation at all, but it was a welcome gesture for me. In the past I lost many gems due to bugs and also never was compensated for it, despite the fact that I wrote to customer support.

I think we all (including me) complain a little bit too much. I understand the frustration of players who invested a lot of cash and would also like to see that they got a better reward.

If I continue to play, I will set out the ninja event. Loss to much on the event and Flare so far has not cared.


off topic: where’s the thread for friend code? =X 

I enjoyed the the bases it made a change. But the cool downs were really anoying, I didn’t use gems to speed up the  cool downs, as I felt  it’s a waste of my  gems and was consequently  unable to complete the event, what with working, sleeping, eating etc. 

I would have preferred it if flare had just slipped the Ninja event in between the old war schedule,  and limited us to max 10 battles a day,  with such a big gap between wars you have made the game boring. 








That was just an example, I can finish first 10 easily but the latter part is too much. I hope more people pay attention to it. I don’t know if people are  :unsure:. I don’t mind explaining again.