Looking to either start new, or take over an existing alliance

I’ve been playing OR for more than 7 months now and recently created a new account so that I could build one from scratch minus the mistakes I made with the first one. My original account is at ascension lvl 118 and is a decent enough account. My new account is only lvl 43, but is only a week old. I’m hoping to connect with others that are also building a new account and who want to join an alliance early on that has the goal of advancing quickly. I haven’t been able to find instructions in the forums though for creating a new alliance. So I don’t know if they are even still allowing it since there are so many dead alliances with only one or two members. I’d be willing to take over an existing alliance, but would need assurances that if I build it to a decent level that the founder won’t come back and retake it. One of my reasons for doing this is because I’m thoroughly disappointed with the alliances I’ve looked at for someone presently at my level (43). The alliance I presently belong to, for example, has a general running the show that is at ascension level 133. But his trophy count is only 1252, his fame is only 237, and his daily donation is only 20,000 (mine is presently 50,000).  I would appreciate input from both experienced players and management. From the player standpoint I am preferably looking for people that will invest 2 million gold (500 gems) to kick start the alliance. If I can entice 4 other people that either have already created a second account or who would be willing to do so, this would mean the alliance would start out with an initial investment of 10 million gold. And from that I believe the alliance can really take off. So… any takers? And if so, what is the next step? If interested you can comment here after searching for me on OR. My name is Handsome Harry. And if you want, you can also search for and look at my original account so that you will see that I’m serious about this. My user name for that account is Benedict Donald. And as for a name for the alliance I was thinking - Crazy Canucks. (Canuck is a slang term for Canadian). But I’m flexible on the name.