Looking to merge our alliance with the right alliance

Hello Founders/ Generals, 

We are an alliance with 13 players having the following characteristics:

  1. All members either speak or know English, so communication is clear. 
  2. Member donations range from a minimum of 250k to the max 400k. 
  3. All but 1 players are at Ascension 100+. 
  4. All but 2 members have 3 war heroes. 
  5. Members cover all key time-zones, including US, Europe, South-East Asia, & Australia. 
  6. Players are highly trained & disciplined, who donate daily & participate actively in war by following war markers & orders correctly… no mistakes. 
  7. Three dedicated war managers ensure efficient & effective prosecution of wars. 
  8. Polite & respectful players, who are strictly ethical & with high team spirit, so they can’t be separated. 

We seek to merge as a team with an alliance having the following characteristics: 

  1. An ethical leadership. 
  2. English-speaking members (for team bonding). 
  3. Dedicated & smart war managers (who also know when to “lose a battle to win a war”, i.e., tactical retreat). 
  4. Preferably in or above the League of Kings. 

Time limit for merger to complete < 7 weeks. 

Seriously interested alliance Founders/ Generals may contact me on Discord @ https://discord.gg/pQ3VYzr

Thank you. ?

_ PS : I am not following this thread, so please do not discuss here… come to Discord_. ?

This merger project is over. Thank you. ☺️