loosing trophies while disconnected

I lost trophies while the game disconnected the raid never happened after the reconnect I lost 30 trophies.

os windows 10 1809 game version is 4.50.

This happens with everyone. It happened me more than a thousand times. It also happened in Ninja, Pro-Leagues and Wars. So, it is not a big thing. You lost 30 for now. But, sometimes we lose more than 60 bro.

this is the first time it happened to me I hope flare fix this issue.


This happened with everyone bro. It is not only you. It is not an issue.

30 trophies? I disconnected once and lost 65. I know it’s really frustrating, but that’s not a glitch. 

Basically, the game disconnected from the internet forcing it to retreat the battle. That’s why you lost trophies.


I think its a glitch your not supposd to loose trophies if the battle didn’t start its defentely an a major issue.