Loot ? algorithm completely sucks!

Do not now about you but for me without festivals events loot algorithm via match maker gives me opponents around 100k or worse.

Algorithm gives me decent amount of medals (from 34to 400) but no gold.

Even with gold gear I need eternity to collect over 10M.

btw I have been on same LV of trophies for over a week.

Do not use matchmaker for this, use player search. It takes forever to find good targets but searching players a yier or two above you will yield you some gold eventually. Even if you can’t beat them (and it’s likely you won’t) with gold gear you can score at least 500k per raid.

Yeah searching for targets manually is the only way sometimes…

A year ago I was eager and used trick with manual searching inside different alliances but nowdays my flame burned out.


Mine does too, whenever I tackle the painfully useless search/sort interface… :angry:

My advice is to dump trophies and hang around lower. Not just a few hundred, I actually hang around 1500-2000 trophies lower than I should be. Loot algorithm needs time to adapt. First day, you won’t notice a lot of it, second day it seems to get a little bit better, improving every day a little bit. Whatever you do, don’t climb trophies, unless you must (for example for ninja event).

Just the day before ninja event I start to raise my trophies again by using matchmaker and farm gear (I have all farm perks, need 29 bread per gear. I advice you to collect these for fast climbing up and going down). When ninja event starts, I do first four islands and then start dumping trophies again. I am satisfied with a lower ninja layer, since getting too many trophies would influence gold again.

I told my story already, very quickly summarizing it here

  • Was hanging around 4800 trophies once. 
  • Loot was horrible, nobody around me gave gold, only players with fully max boosted bases gave some gold, but even the number 1 ranked gave less than 200k gold.
  • Main problem is that there are gold targets, but with medium boosts, you aren’t able to get the gold, since those raids are suicidal.
  • either you need to raise trophies (meaning in my case, switch to a top team, which I did not want to do) or drop them. 
  • I did and it pays off.

What happens is this (by staying deliberately much lower trophy range)

  • Players in old trophy range:
    • They won’t get a lot of gold from you, so they won’t raid you for gold.
    • Your gold is protected better against raids. 
    • You don’t get trophies from raiding them when you raid them (700+ trophies higher than you will not give you trophies. Great :wink: , you don’t want those trophies)
    • Their gold is less protected against you and Flare loot algorithm will reward you with better gold rewards.
  • For you in lower trophy range
    • Better rewards against players in old trophy range or even some lower range.
      • 500k+ gold targets (700k+ is even very common) are easy to find. Just pick players in old trophy range (700+ trophies more)
        • I raid for example with luck gear, combined with 1 gold perk and kaiser.
        • My gold from raids is doubled every raid.
        • As an extra bonus, I get around 2 rewards average (items, pearls, vouchers, gold) and it really helps to get enough gold plus feed blacksmith.
        • This morning I had 1M gold, did donate (1M) and started to raid. I opened no video chests and did some raids with luck gear. I had over 11.5M without even emptying my farms in less than 30 minutes. I even had some fun with an harasser, which forgot to secure his gold. He got 1k gold from me, I got 700k+ (1.4M including boosts, plus an additional 500k inside cof) from him :slight_smile:
        • When I get raided and leave a lot of gold unprotected not a lot is robbed. In fact my taverns most times compensate the loss of gold. Even when leaving 15M unprotected, max 500k-1M is robbed, but most times 100k-200k max. There is a reason for this. Gold is better protected is first reason. But… When lower players raid you and fail, this also protects your gold somewhat longer and better.

I play ninja event in a lower layer than I should be. This has the advantage that first place is often accomplished, my guarantee is that hero won’t die at all, only thing is missing a tower sometimes which prevents me to score 100% on all islands every now and then. Most important is that I don’t need to fool the algorithm again. Gold targets are plenty out there in that situation. While others struggle, you can upgrade anything you like and even have some periods, that you have a full treasure room and nothing to spend the gold on. You can then concentrate on buying items for blacksmith to get more pearls.

When everything is maxed once again, you can then climb back to higher trophy level, I decided to stay low. 

@Dena4 To add to what you said, another benefit that came with my trophy dropping was an increased gem revenue from hostile raid scrolls/resurrects. Before I got raided pretty harshly but now often a guy will use 3-4 scrolls and still get just 69% so that’s considerable benefit (also it means my base was rather weak against higher tier opponents but let’s not ruin the impression :wink: ). I do all I can to keep my trophies fairly low but there’s always the element of having trophies dumped on you, because others do this tactic too.

My gold bonus is around 170% (not sure if the pro bonus is included in the stat or not) so I get triple the gold. It doesn’t even require beating a map to get serious gold, provided it offered a lot to begin with.

That’s absolute correct and especially also good during war seasons. some of my team deliberately hide lower to let lower raiders fail. gems are not the main reason, but when some opponents fail, some don’t accept defeat and scroll, resurrect. And most even fail in that situation. It is nice for us, but also for our lower members, they don’t bleed skulls. 

Last war season was in our main team. Some players indeed don’t accept any defeat and scroll like crazy. It’s a petty that 100 gems is max reward per raid. I got a few times 100 gems from raiders. Gems are always nice. That’s also a reason why I leave a lot of gold unprotected, to attract lower players to raid me. That I lose 100k gold is fine with me, it’s a good deal for getting some gems.

I don’t raid with gold gear, kaiser pal plus luck already gives a lot of extra gold. I once had 100% gold bonus, but since I find enough gold targets, I decided to melt most gold gear. I rather raid with luck gear (have a few farm perks there and a gold perk) , only condition is you must beat the gate. I get gold plus items for keeping blacksmith going. The pearls are handy to strengthen offense plus defense.

When there is lack of gold (like a few hours after the release), I just go for farm gear. It takes more raids indeed, but who cares when just 29 bread per raid is used? Only thing then is just raid players with easy bases to not lose a lot of time and gather gold within a couple of extra raids.

I forgot to add I usually raid players without alliances - harder to find a high gold yield but they don’t have boosts and beasts (at least in the 3500 and below range) so that makes things easier. Especially around war time when there’re autoboosts.

The most gems per round I got in a war was 68 I think. They were going for a certain win so a bunch of dudes didn’t hold back on the scrolls and resurrects. The downside of this was they practically didn’t attack me for the remainder of the war. Guess they got burned too bad, oh well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I pay no heed to luck, firstly because I’d need to win (I could beat a bunch of easy bases but that’s no fun) and secondly because cof revenue sucks. I can get enough meltables from all these chests I get here and there. Gold gear fits my style better.

I stopped raiding players without a team a long time ago. Most times they are already under attack, so you get the message that they are online a lot of times and when you raid them a lot you deplete the gold ‘pot’ that flare put aside as bonus for your raids. Bases with beasts and boosts are fine with me, I every now and then fail due to very low leadership and/or mistakes from my side or just that it’s a well designed base and I consider a failure as a reward for the defender in that case.

I know that it’s harder with season boosts like stargazer, I already lost my army a couple of times and getting fresh ones is difficult due to Boss frosters, literally freezing my fresh troops, but it makes me a better raider with kaiser. And it also prepares me for war seasons, since there a failure is costly. 

During war seasons some never learn and they keep spending gems. Last season with just 4 raids, one player raided me two times during a single war. The war after that again so I got 300 gems from just that single person, while he didn’t get even more than 30%. 

When you start to have 5 or more luck perks, luck seems to work somewhat, it comes nowhere close to the so called numbers (with my luck I should get 90% of first chests, in reality I fail at least 20-25% at first chest.). During war seasons I must raid with my skull gear, but that wardrobe is actually way stronger with 6-7k more leadership.

The revenues in cof can be great, I often find low items, but very often with luck gear I get 3 rewards and especially reward 3 is interesting in terms of gold. Also sometimes I find gear melting down for 80+ pearls. That’s a bonus. 

Luck gear I only use outside war season, in war season skull gear is a must. It’s also depending on the gears you have, plus available inventory spots. I have 4 wardrobes and decided to create a war wardrobe, a dungeon wardrobe, a farm wardrobe, plus a luck wardrobe. Since I have not many inventory spots, I need to chose often which items I keep. So I decided to get rid of my gold perks, otherwise I needed a lot of extra spots.

Like I said, when gold is scarce I could use gold gear or farm gear. Farm gear was my option, since I can raid with just 29 bread. That’s also good, it takes more fights, but I don’t run out of bread. 

Why a dungeon wardrobe? It’s not like you have that many battles there…

A dungeon wardrobe might be wrong choice of word, it’s my wardrobe with 3 wind speed boosts plus strongest leadership and 100% scream. That I wear when I need to beat dungeons. Most times I only wear it when I have to beat a very strong opponent or dungeons. Since I do 99% of my battles with other gear and use it mainly during dungeons, I gave it that name. 

I don’t want those good perks to accidentally be sold (wind cape, perks with leadership plus scream), so I added them to that wardrobe. I would like to have the option to mark an item, so that it can’t be melted down by accident, but since that option is not available, I decided to keep those perks there. For dungeon raids it’s great.

There are indeed not a lot of dungeon raids, but with other wardrobes (farm and luck) I don’t come even close to my leadership that I have in war and that wardrobe.

@Dena4 by dumping trophies deliberately you dont get any extra gold from players of your old trophy range you get almost same amount of gold if there tc is full.  I tried this method once and i was hanging below 2k trophies for like 2 months and i tested it on my freinds bases and i didn’t notice any change.  In short you will get gold only when they have it, dumping trophies don’t give you some extra bonus. 

And i think the game determines your strength by the players you raid not with your trophy range.  If you are a 3k trophy guy raiding 5k bases then game will think you are strong for your trophy range  and you won’t  get any gold from matchmaking and when you will raise your trophies you will start getting good loot. 

Patience is the keyword here @hulk. You need to wait for 5 days and give loot algorithm time to adjust. Remember what I said, I came from 4.8k+ range and I dumped to under 3k and stay under that, only the day that ninja event starts I settle around 3.1k for a short moment. As soon as I did my first ninja islands, I dump trophies to be back 2750 and dump some more later on. It’s not about a few hundred trophies, try to dump 1500 trophies and raid players in old trophy range.  

At the period that I had a lot of trophies, I could raid players who had 4000- trophies and they showed no gold at all, even when some confirmed their treasure room was full. My team often does gold sharing, meaning some of us with plenty of gold temporary leave the team, go offline and let others need gold raid. Result, those players showed 100k- gold, simply since I was considered way too strong for them. When they do it now, I see 800k+.

You have a point there, I use matchmaker to dump trophies. So when the game also uses that info, I am not considered strong at all. I raid inside 3500 - 4.3k trophy range for gold, players under 3500 only seldom give me gold, players above, I don’t raid for fooling matchmaker. 

How strong were your friends if I may ask in terms of trophies? I raid 1k+ higher bases, then it definitely does matter, at 700- higher bases (so 3500- trophies) also give no gold. Matchmaker opponents indeed give no gold, I also don’t use that for gold. I either check alliances or player rank search to find gold targets. And they definitely give gold. Maybe you should try again and try my method. So check players 1k+ trophies higher for gold and raid them. 

To give additional info, multiple members of my team use this same strategy. When it would not work, we would not use this strategy. and… it’s not easy to raise your trophies above a certain trophy level when being inside a low/medium alliance with less strong boosts. Players from teams with much stronger boosts will find the way to your base when you have gold and they will keep your trophies lower. And a counter attack is useless, with medium boosts you definitely will not beat max boosted, plus very heavy forged bases. So getting your trophies up is only possible in certain occasions.

@Dena4 i already mentioned i was below 2k for about 2 months ( i dropped  more then 2k trophies ?) and all my freinds are in 4k - 4.5k trophy range 

I know, but that was just an example Hulk. You didn’t check at the correct range, that you must realize and that’s my point. The ponds where we fish and looked for gold are completely different. I checked in a range that was a dessert for me at high range, while you checked at a range that give you already some gold and hoped for an improvement in gold.

I explain it one more time. 

  • My old situation
    • My trophy range was 4500 (max it was even 4800)
    • players under 4500 gave no loot at all, only a few with complete full treasure room
    • players in 3500-4500 range gave no gold at all. Even when their treasure room was full :slightly_frowning_face:
    • players from 4500+ gave loot (250k-) and above 5k better loot (350k+ sometimes, but it was more common to find 200k- rewards), but still it was no guarantee that gold was there.
  • My new situation
    • My trophy range is under 3k (most times hanging around 2750-)
    • Many players 3500+ give gold. I even don’t check players around 4200 - 4500 range. Only seldom I raid such a player for gold.  :wink:

See the difference? You checked at an incorrect trophy range.

My new range for gold now is 3500 - 4200, while before my range was 5k+ (which only offered less gold and I needed to search for a long time to find a possible target!). Does it matter that players who are in 4k-4500 still give good gold and that the amount was almost same? Gold does not only depend on full treasure room or not, gold is protected sometimes and it depends on the number of recent raids against your base. So even when your treasure room is full, there could be some kind of protection.

What matters is that a range that not gave you any gold before, now suddenly gives plenty of gold. And they don’t need to have a full treasure room, I get 500k+ raids from there now pretty easy. You should have checked 3k-4k trophy range instead while being that low. Those players would not give you any gold when you are around 4.5k trophy range, but they definitely do while you are staying in 2k range for a while. 

That you have different thoughts about it, fine with me. Just stay up there, when there are less fishermen in the same pond, the more gold is there for others.

I use colours for that, e.g. blue are items to keep and white are those i want to sell.
Of course all non uber items i also want to sell, no colour needed  :slight_smile:

That’s a good advice. Will try that. Now I have to be very careful every time when I go to melt something. 

That is exactly what you want to achieve: getting access to the unsecured gold in chambers.
The game generated gold is only a minor part, e.g. 100k + 600k from chamber = 700k base before gold boost.

BUT: you are assigned a hidden strength indicator, which is roughly translated to a trophy amount. Dropping
below this “minimum trophies” doesn’t have any effect. Your troops, spells and forges etc. are taken into account.
Your defenses are also raising your strength indicator, which lead to the following situation for me:

I had around 3100-3200 trophies and targets at around 3600-3700 were giving me 700k+ gold. Then i started
to heavily forge my defense and also raised my trophies, because CoF runs did get me all the gold i needed.
After the update i needed more gold and got to ~3100 trophies again. But this time even after waiting enough
days i didn’t get access to the chambers of my old gold targets at around ~3700. Obviously my defense forging
raised the hidden strength indicator for me. Now i get only access to chambers of players beginning at 4000-4100.

When I was playing before my computer broke, I hadn’t used Matchmaking (or Player search or favs) more than once a day, I used to attack more than 20 times a day in my first 3 to 4 months…nowadays we just work and work and work for what? Wars and Ninja events that give you the same equipment EVERY SINGLE TIME…Sometimes you’ll end up getting the same piece of equipment in the same chest lol