Loot Recovery

Ever since you removed the gem trick, the only ways left to bring loot back up is either waiting for it (hours) or using lots of gem (minor recover)

Is there anyway to either increase the loot recovery? Maybe twice as fast? Or bring gem Trick back???

I usually start with 200k loot on every 100% it drops 25%, if I lose around 15%.

200k, 150k, 113k, 84k, 63k, 47k… In just 3 attacks Ioot turns into crap. Especially when I attack more. Loot turns into total garbage. And it usually takes around 6-8hours for it just to recover back up to 200k.

Example I attack once, 200k to 150k it takes around an hour just for it to recover. Taking too long. Loot is very limited and recovers in a snail pace. Is there anyway for you to retweek this by speeding recovery or gem trick??? The more you play the more the loot gets destroyed. Once it actually gets destroyed no more decent gold :confused: and that can happen in just 3-5 attacks

Or can the loot drop not be a chain effect? Dropping will only be applied to players that you’ve attack to at least have a decent loot offered by other players

I am facing the same problem as well, although my max loot is 360k+, but that is only offered by some top 10 which i cannot beat. Person that I can beat offered max loot around 250k or a little more depends on whether he has a shield on or not. So most of the time those who are in top 50 will be farming loot giving by the computer. Even with match make, higher chances you will be paired up with player who has a shield. 


I have notice the current loot recovery trend is like this , 1 hour recover around 40k. I couldn’t agree more that this recovery speed is low considering that sometime i wait until loot full recovery (like wait overnight while sleeping ) and only to wake up and find out i can only do 3 battle or so and the loot sucks to the end. While lower rank might have more chances to get bigger loot ( since by probability higher chance ppl don’t use shield ) , top 50 or top 100 is a different story, most ppl has high lvl tower and can only do upgrade with a shield on.


Personally i just able to make 9m from my current one day shield. No huge loot leaving behind and most of the time i just raid people who gv me as max as possible.


I would hope that the dev reconsider the speed of loot recovery in top 100 or top 50.   I know you guys have been increasing the incentive for top 10 loot like if i rise higher i see 360k max from some top 10 (which previously i only see 320k) , i know that is a challenge to take if u want huge loot. But I’m asking for normal raid where loot is just around 200k. Once or twice if u challenge top 10 and scroll for loot is ok, but every raid needed scroll is just too much (sorry i am not Arne22, i don’t scroll on EVERY battle). So i would rather fight those non-top 10 player , with lesser loot.


I am supporting Kipps that the speed of recovery should be increased. 

I think I found Max Gold loot (600K+) more often, but less Gold loot with constant raiding.



Gold loot’s formula >>> [(P-C)+C]*S*B*T


G is Gold in target base’s Chamber

P is Treasure Chamber’s Protection

C is Treasure Chamber level’s reward such as Max level is 200K. (Not sure in Number)

S is some variable from number of looting, such as first raiding=100%, second=75%. (Not sure in Number)

B is some variable from number of being looted from target base, such as first being raided=100%, second=75%. (Not sure in Number)

T is some variable from Trophy’s difference, such as our Trophies less than target by 400 get 100%, more than 400 get 75%. (Not sure in Number)

**If something wrong, feel free to correct this**



600K+ I think it’s from Garuntee Protection Gold from Treasure Chamber, which make many player have more confidence to keep more gold at themself.

Less loot with constant raiding, I think it’s from Protection Gold from Treasure Chamber too, because at max level other player can’t loot gold from targets if they have gold less than Treasure Chamber protection.

(ex. In the past keep gold 1M all of 1M can be looted, present just 0.25M can be looted. This Exclude reward from Treasure Chamber level.)



If that so, I suggest…

  1. Add “C”, maybe add number of “P” or Treasure Chamber’s Protection

  2. Less reduction reward from many raiding or “S”

  3. Also less reduction reward from many be raided or “B”

  4. From 3. But losing from being raided shouldn’t increase. (To make most player still keep most of gold in their chamber)

  5. From 3. Reduce loot from constant attack at same base by same people, with this player will less to attack same base and bring more chance to other player to find good loot base.

  6. Chance “T” to limit low number Trophies to get too much loot from high number Trophies player to prevent some player reduce their Trophies too low.

Where did you even get that? You’ll only see gold over 300-400k if there’s real loot.


Pardon? What do you mean? 600K? or Formula?


If 600K just wait when some player start raiding, sometime they won’t spent their gold, wait and raid them when they log out.

If Formula, I read from many source and think should be this.

Formula would be pure speculation unless you actually work in flare.

Max computer generated loot is around 360k.

If you come across people more than what computer generated offers then that’s real


600k wait for player to log off, that’s too time consuming hoping that the player is stupid enough to leave gold. Maybe in lower levels since costs are cheap and there is an excess of gold.

Yes, I just guess about formula.

Even so, variable that give result for reward should be around these.

Problem is outsider can’t know what fix variable that developers use for this.

But it’s not really problem.

If you can guess what can effect reward, you can guess what should chance to make more reward.


Waiting for people logging out, If just wait only that person is really stupid, but I also find good reward for other player too. When I finish raid other base I just back to check that base again.



So, How come about “Max computer generated loot is around 360k”?

Where that come from? Fix variable by what? Treasure Chamber’s level?

And more than that is Gold of target base? How much? Rate of gain per lose is equal?

Based on what I posted, you didnt really understand what I’m saying.

My post was fairly simple.

Your formula is a mere speculation with a lot of vague details.

Attack a person and beat the gate loot offered will drop by 25%. Depending on how much you start with. It will vary from player to player this is computer generated loot. Based on how strong the player or whatever variable only flare knows.

Loot goes up naturally over time but its incredibly slow. I’m not taking about people with gold people who actually leave shit loads of gold are either stupid or have no use for the gold.

Basically majority of the gold you will loot will be computer generated. Since a single attack can take all that gold then gold offered would be back to computer generated. I’m too lazy to explain it if you don’t know about computer generated loot.

More understanding, more way to find the best solution.

Same result doesn’t need only single solution, but many solution can bring the same result.


Just gain too much gold from weak or poor isn’t fair.

Repeat raid on same base should happen less.

Be looted until player scare to keep Gold shouldn’t happen.




If don’t try to understand will look over these problem, and likely best solution from less knowledge will bring more problem instead.

Ok 100% you don’t really understand the post or what I’m talking about. If you dont understand what I’m saying don’t comment. It’s really simple and you keep on saying non related things. Loot recovery that’s all? You keep throwing non related things even after I tried to explain it.

Yes, I have high chance that I don’t understand, English isn’t my first language and I have very low chance to use them.

Even I understand, I usually said something that don’t precise to the topic, I usually said something implication the topic instead.



You topic just focus on Loot Recover, right?

But to adjusting Loot Recovery won’t it make impact to the other factor?

So, I trend to said something implication the topic to make sure we can make really the best solution.


Just focus on one thing and don’t try to see other may cause Cobra Effect.



Raising Loot Recovery is good for one go raid player.

But If Loot Recovery also effect the gold in Treasure chamber, it’s bad for slow and steady player.

So, This solution will make Max gold reward become less, because most player trend to won’t keep gold in Treasure Chamber.

Then, most Gold will come from system doesn’t come from player so, why system should still take gold from player?



More than that,

Loot Recover just one Factor of Income

Raising Overall Income for most player is more important.

Make Loot Recovery better but Bring Overall Income for most player worse isn’t a good choice.

We should make both Loot Recovery and Overall Income for most player better.

But, If we don’t try to understand game’s system we can’t bring that solution happen.

And this urge suggestion will look stupid and will bring worse to the game which devolopers can’t let them happen.

I am supporting Kipps that the speed of recovery should be increased on top 50-100. btw Finally u visite my base :grinning:

@ Med.dz-09

Why not for top 11 to 49? Let them make it for top 11 to 100.

It should be done on all players low mid high. Loot is recovering too slow.

Thank you for people who understood the post.

Reason for Loot Recovery too slow, maybe developers want player to constant raid more than one go raid.

If developers want this, problem lies being looted have make much lose for constant raid player, so developer limit gold lose by 500K to be maximum.


So, suggestion of raising Loot Recover rate won’t be informed because oppose purpose of developers which want support constant raid player more than one go raid player.


Even so, raising overall income can happen by many means like I suggest.



*Raising Loot Recover doesn’t make benefit to low or mid level player but only for one go raid player type.*

**One go raid player born from player who try to avoid losing their gold and make them free to NOT raising their base defense, with this it steal half amusement of Tower Defend Game and lower number of rich base from the game, This isn’t fair.**


I understand this, so I can’t understand goal of this topic.

You still don’t understand.

Slow loot = no loot = no point raiding except for medals? Less play since u have to wait for the loot to go back up?

Well, in the large scheme of things, the low loot is supposed to be an incentive to spend gems, since they will increase loot recovery. However, that looks more and more like greed on the dev side, so I will make a point in never spending a gem to fill my silo. If things will get too frustrating because of low loot, then I’ll take a break from playing and do something else with my time.

That being said, I support Kipps as well, the loot recovery is just too slow, the loot gained after playing a while is also getting ridiculously low and it should increase.

IMO the diminishing returns on loot are totally fine, as long as it is tracked per player.  If you attack the same person several times in a row, then I don’t see a problem with the rewards decreasing each time.  But it’s super messed up that it affects all players globally.  We’re already limited in how much gold we can earn without spending gems, due to the food mechanic, so I don’t see why they restrict it even more with the diminishing returns.


Maybe they’re still clinging to some fantasy about people playing their game a certain way – i.e. fighting just a few fights at a time and leaving unprotected gold in their treasure chamber so other players have rewarding targets to raid.  Like some sort of global group hug of raiding.  But every player makes that mistake exactly once and then learns to farm it and spend it before logging out, and Flaregames knows it, so I don’t know what they’re going for here, other than to frustrate people.


If two players both offer me 200K, and I fight one of them, then the other suddenly gives me less gold for the exact same effort, risk, and challenge.  Huh?  If you don’t want us farming gold (or want to encourage people to buy gold shields) then just lower the silo capacity.  It really sucks to find someone via the matchmaker (or otherwise) that would have given really good loot, except you found them after your 3rd or 4th attack instead of on your 1st.


The current system also encourages me to farm the same easy bases over and over again (unless I stumble upon someone with unprotected gold), because I don’t want to risk accidentally losing and then having all subsequent loots reduced.  But that’s totally boring.  I’d much rather take my chances with the matchmaker and fight different bases each time – that would be way more fun and exciting.  Unfortunately, the current system does not reward that approach.

Also, it just occurred to me that I’m looking at this from the perspective of a Windows player who can’t get free food.  So if this is a way to prevent people from watching endless videos to farm huge amounts of gold, then Windows users got double-screwed on this one.  :unsure: