Loot Recovery

No spacedog we’re more than double-screwed as we also don’t have free food and no tapjoy to farm gems and buy food then theres slow loot recovery (starts affecting me since level 70) and the globally diminishing loot.Thats four different problems affecting gold income.


That should happen, shouldn’t it?

For Mid and Low level player, just few raid enough to upgrading everything.

But when you become high or near high level player, that don’t enough reward.


If you focus on medal you should have upper hand than who focus on gold, don’t it?

With 3 worker I found raiding reward still too much for me.


And like Spacedog said, it isn’t fair for Windows player. If one go raid reward is raising.


So, constant raid better than one go raid, If you want, just for medal is enough.

The decrease in loot shouldn’t be a chain effect! With the attack limitation already in place. Loot decrease must be only applied player to player

and not like our current crappy situation.

Again happy people are getting it

hi lordshiva. sorry fo the hug raid. just for medal :grinning: