Lord SeruMm 3rd and jefe patch looking an alliance to join

We are two hard working revolters seeking an alliance to join we are levels 67 and 68 both donate 75k each and speak English with a little Spanish if necessary… We are extreme active in wars and reliable with command our trophies fall between 2100 and 2300 o

Hey, we are a level 17 alliance “Allegiant”. We are too in need of active players like you guys :slight_smile:

We have one spot open in our alliance Little HUNS if one of you wish to join. Hopefully we will level up in a day or 2 and then we will have space for you both. We need loyal and active players. War participation is very important.

Ok little Huns we have seen ur request and are greatful however we are close friends who play the game together and are looking for an alliance with two available slots… I’m sorry and our gratitude is sincerely appreciated

We are level 18 now :slight_smile:

I love active player :slight_smile:

Boost 24/7 are: knight - archer - tough Barr - bomb tower - orge mayb wolf too :slight_smile:

My ingame name: fire1964 you can add me to friend list and talk more

Castleblack Inc. Is in need of 3 new and active members as I just kicked 3 for not fight in the war .We would welcome you .

      James the anointed leader of Castleblack Inc.


4corners of earth 

Join our Alliance!  We are extremely active in wars and depend on reliable donations. Fun team, very vocal, and share strategy. 

Current Stats:

Alliance Level - 21

Rank: 1241

Active Elite Boots: 6 (3 continuous)

Past 3 War History: Sudden Skirmish - 2nd Place; Cruel Cannons - 1st Place; Otherworld Portals - 1st Place

Current War Standing: 2nd Place

We’re committed, competitive, and collaborative. Come Join Us :wink:

{ Veep }


I started a new alliance called Night of Royals.

Looking for new and active members.

So join my alliance if you want to.