Los_Pollos_Hermanos recruits/recrute

Hello !

I made this alliance four days ago with my brother, just to have our own alliance and have fun.

We are french, as you can see i speack a bit english (not very well, but enough to understand and speack with english speacker in the discution i think :wink:

We search some active people, who can help us to reach the top (or just a good place, we are mainly here to have fun), we don’t ask 50k gold per day, just a bit, to have a better alliance and to have a lot of people.

We accept all level, if you can speack in the discution it will be perfect ! (and for this reason, it could be better if you speack french or english (or both)).

PS : if you don’t find the alliance (don’t forget the “_”), search Salutlesgae3 in players, and you will find the team.

So, good day, I hope to see you soon in Los_Pollos_Hermanos !