Loser Bonus Poll to end all Polls!!!

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What’s the point of such thread ? Jeez.

blookie works for flare…he really likes polls…and wants to give flare a lot more time to fix things.i hope flare doesnt mess up more while we r waiting…blookie keep your eye on them

Even better why restrict it to alliance wars, why not make it for all raids, so if I lose a raid I get a bonus amount of time, XP, troop power, who nows what, … I keep getting that and it mounts up every raid until I finally win my raid, then just like the war ones I can continue to raid that person with my added bonus.



I love the gypsy rose! If I worked for Flare, every knight would be dancing around in a tutu just to humor me. lol And for some reason the Flare people keep crushing my dreams on that matter. I want my knights to dance like Budakalasz!


I would raid you until I could be beat your base in 30 seconds. :slight_smile:

haha blookie your scream suit looks like a tutu…i love ballet but hard rock is better


lolololololol. My king actually is wearing a kilt/skirt/tutu, isn’t he? lol.


Southern Rock for the win!!! Add a little gospel-style backing vocals behind the lead vocal and I’m in paradise.

In my alliance war after one day one alliance had a 5.5% bonus and another has 4.8% and they are the only two alliances that my team can attack next due to positioning of fiefdoms. Not exactly fair, what if for when we fight them they suddenly all come online and attack? They have 3 people higher than my level and I’m the second highest on my team at 54. I shall agree with everyone that loser bonus needs to go or be altered. Its not the winners fault that their team works harder or that Flaregames didn’t do a better job in matching alliances up.

The loser bonus has more effect by far now than ever before. There is actually a ‘Golden’ total to the amount of skulls an alliance can get, a perfect 10, all non chaps 10 x raids 100% open all chests, 8 x champs 100% raids open all chests. By keeping the loser bonus an alliance that scores perfectly can still be easily beaten by one who doesn’t but has the bonus. Flare must be well aware of this as most 10 year olds can work it out, but seem to be indifferent. At the higher level it actually isn’t worth fighting an enemy that has accrued more than 4% extra bonus now, might as well roll over and let them take the fief, and I am sure we will start to see that happening in the very near future … good thing is, we don’t fight, we don’t spend … no gems to flare :slight_smile:

Sorry mate, first one to say i like the loser bonus. Even with the max on attacks.

For all that forgot the time before,

Close your eyes and go back in time.(i know its hard while.reading but anyway)

Hey its friday almost time for a new war, we take a look at the map.

Yeah a easy one we can beat 4 of those Alliance easy.

Ah… a hard map (change alliance message) hey guys.were siting out no change to win.

This is why the loser bonus is.there and is a good thing.

Besides of all.the tactical options it provides to a good alliance leader and his generals

So you think if you are being attacked by a pretty equally matched alliance which you beat, then they should come back and have another go … but with an advantage … and again if somehow you manage to fend that attack off they can come back again then next day and beat you … because you can’t actually score enough skulls to beat them. Loser bonuses are for losers … that’s it!

oh drum…you said it all…loser bonus is for losers…attack limits are for players of candy crush…war games are for people who want to fight all others should go play farmville with their chickens

OMG… I thought at first that it is a poll by flares. Wanted to vote. Then read all the possible answers. Good joke Blookie, you have almost fooled me :slight_smile:


One of the answers reminds me of a joke:

A man comes to a doctor.

Doctor, he says, my whole family thinks I’m crazy. Because I prefer natural cotton socks rather than of synthetic polyester.

This is not crazy at all, says the Doctor, I prefer cotton socks too.

So glad to hear that, then I’m OK after all, says the patient, tell me doctor, do you prefer them with butter or with mayonnaise?..