Loser Bonus

Flare this has been brought up many times, with a significant amount of people against the inclusion of the loser bonus. Can someone actually comment on your stance?


Is it staying irrespective of what we think, as you know what’s best

Will it only be granted for offensive attacks rather than against defended attacks

Will it only carry over for the next war, rather than the whole season

Will it be reworked

Will it be as most have suggested be eradicated

INB4 Flare:  “We are looking at the forums and keeping an eye on the situation.”

They have already answered…they said “most of the forum members dont like it because tthey are too high level. But lower level alliances like the skull bonus” or somethin along those lines - a baseless statement by the way -.

So they indirectly said they will keep it as it is, even if most of the forum members don’t like it.

do you think they even asked outside their stupid poll.  no or they must have pm’d others to get response…which i doubt

@ … @ … @…@ … Closest I can get to tumbleweeds … as always no FG response to a direct question. I guess we will have to wait for the next tranche of players to leave after this war.



I currently have no information if there is any change planned for this bonus, if something happens we will keep you informed.

checking Ather’s pulse…


Strange… sounds like the busy signal when you misdial a phone #

Thanks for the response Aether, hope we don’t see too many more leave before someone at FG smells the coffee.

Nothing will change as long as flares sees us as just players.

This is a wrong attitude from the beginning. Players are actually customers here and should be treated accordingly.

I actually LIKE the loser bonus but I hear you, Edward.




so let me guess huck…you r from vanguard or todes…they r the only ones who repeatedly benefit from loser bonus…

lolz nope i left Todes before there even was wars and have only visited Vanguard as a guest.


and I dont choose sides on balancing issues based on weather or not it benifit me, personally.


im a man


Hi Huck,


The thing is, most players don’t like this bonus as it is now, cause it is wrongly calculated and it’s algorithm is erratic.


First, it’s unfair for alliances with almost the same strength.

Second and the most crucial: Alliances use this bug a lot to cheat during wars. They are making pacts and attack each other to get the bonus benefit against other alliances.


I don’t think Flares intentions were to encourage cheating. This is why this bonus issue must be reworked or cancelled.





Loser bonus is a big problem/mistake since the matchmake is by fiefdoms, and not by defensive lvl (and when I say “defensive LVL”, I mean LVL of towers, troops, king and spells), that is insane. What is the difficult to understand that? FG needs to change the match criteria urgently!


i dont even care about this topic much… I came to this thread to pick on Aether lolz


but if you really wanna know what I think here some thaughts for ya…


1.any tactics that the game allows you to do should not be called “cheating”


2.Is it fair or not? idk

   haven’t really looked at the math


far as I can see loser bonus is in game to make wars more active and compeditive

the teams getting crushed have reason to keep fighting during that war and a shot at placing in the season.

if removed it would be more one sided seasons of a single Alliance or 2 sweeping the map.

if the underdog has no chance to win theres no point in the war at all. at least not from an entertainment standpoint


3.(and perhaps most important to note) War seasons are won and lost by the skill of the Generals NOT by how much or less a team is able to grind. I would have trouble to recall a war lost that wasnt due to this. Most Generals arnt fit to manage a fast food joint let alone let alone lead 58 people onto a field of battle. pick any one of these close wars and look at history. the skull diffrence could have been corrected by general kicking leaks in there D. it aint all about grinding.

right? right.

I’m pretty much going to assume that the Skull/Loser Bonus is here to stay.  However, I would suggest a couple small changes to make it more ‘realistic’/manageable, which I’m hoping would be taken well by both those who like it and those that don’t.  

  • Only give the bonus if an alliance is below 3 fiefs

This holds with most strategy games and real-life strategy.  If you over-extend your territory, it’s harder to defend because you have more borders to protect.  Corner someone and they fight harder!  You shouldn’t get rewarded for making a pointless attack and losing.  This would nullify the ‘fake attacks’, and if they gain back a territory they would be back on even footing (i.e. the bonus goes away).  

  • Cap it at no more than 6% bonus per alliance.  

10% is too much to overcome for anybody even close to evenly matched.