Losing trophies on game disconnect

Once again, the game has disconnected during a battle and I return to lost trophies and the ambrosia I used to start the battle.  This last one upset me enough to come here and complain…as I had just started the battle an returned to a very large trophies loss!!!  FUDGE!!!

I lost around 20+ trophies!!!  actually think it was closer to thirty…CRAP!!!


…and my internet did not go down!!!

this has happened for quite a while, but today it has happened three times and I lost bunch of trophies, it’s really frustrating. The internet connection is stable as u can see from the picture. Please do something to fix this asap.

In-game Name: Zeus - King of Gods

Device: HTC One M8

Android: latest


any updates on this issue? happened twice yesterday and once just now  :angry:


The icon states that your internet connection to your modem/router is stable, however it does not mean the connection from this one to internet is stable.

If you receive the “bad connection” error message, it means that your connection indeed encounters some troubles.

Have you already tried restarting your router/device?

I think RR2 doesn’t make lots of bugs like other games (Clash of Clans or Royale) ? the Game waits a long time before say “conexion lost”

Yes, i restarted my phone almost everyday but not the router. I’m pretty sure there is no problem with the internet because while i was waiting for the game to load, i tried loading websites and watching Youtube, it worked. Plus when i waited for the game to load till it took me to the main screen and there is always a message popped up saying “check your internet connection” or something, and there is an option “try again”, when i pressed “try again” it took me straight to the game.

I don’t know if there is any problem with my device/ internet but some of my alliance members have sometimes experienced the same problem.

same hapens on iphone 5s

I have lost connection due to phone call and 26 trophies got deducted so is there any fix for this??

don’t answer the call, or if you have droid I know you an answer and talk while its still playing.

Have not had this problem happened again since my last post ?

But its An Interview call :wink: