Losing trophies when getting attacked?



I am having kind of an issue since few days. there is a player who is farming me and he always die at under 20% of my base and I am losing trophies instead of getting trophies! even he reached 9% of my castle only and I got 3 crowns in the attack history and lost 4 trophies while before such players used to give me trophies


is that an issue or why it’s happening? because it wasn’t happeing with me before

If the opponent is lower than your rank and he’s able to raid you, also if he does 20%, you can lose trophies because depends also on your towers, units, levels.

For example: If you are around 3,000 trophies with disgusting towers, units as defence, buf your opponents (that maybe has 2,500 trophies) win against you with also around 20%, you can lose trophies because the matchmaking calculates that you (that you should be more strong than him) are not enough powerful with your defence, so give privileges at your opponenets that has been more able to raid you.


This thing happens already at me, also if the opponents do 37% i lose maybe around -5, -10 trophies =)


Reverse Example:


Never happen that when you try to attack a player with high trophies but you are under the threshold of success against his base, but maybe you did at the end around 50% and maybe +5 trophies ? In his chronology he will see +50% and -5 trophies ^_^


So happen the same thing with you  :slight_smile:

This explain still more the conclusion that: you have to look at trophies, by the moment that is he is lvl 83 and you 86 it’s easy raid you, however matchmaking look more at current trophies you are, you shouldn’t lose so much trophies at time on each attack. I know that could be annoying because, i’ve also passed all type of “rape raids”…now i don’t even notice those who attack me, 'cause i’m also not interesting anymore on raid opponent raider. i do only via matchmaking XD

If he is farming you even he only got around 20%, then he is stripping you.

A lv83 king staying at 2900 trophy, he either has very bad skill or staying low trophy purposely to strip other people trophy. Which mean this may be his 2nd account.

Or maybe now he hasn’t too much time to play than before, and then, when he goes online, only funny is raid you, the possibilities are infinite, just put a rock over… And also could have second account…

Or maybe he has 2 builders only!

Who knows what his motive is, exactly? The one things that’s clear is that he knows what any other mid-to-high level player knows that hasn’t been playing under a rock: the leaderboard/trophy/award algos are easily gamed and manipulated. We have heard and discussed this as an issue to fix for a year. The major issue: leaderboard rank is weighted far too heavily. Until that’s rebalanced, stripping and all the related exploits (like this example) will continue.

There are two possibilities here:-

1-either there is a huge trophy difference between you two.for ex-once I attacked on master e base(my level-73,cups-2550) and he is just double in level and trophies.during that raid I was not even able to touch first barricade and got defeated badly,but then also I didn’t lost any trophies and didn’t get any medals.

2-despite having similar trophy levels say a difference of 300 cups,then also your base is quite upgraded and too much heavy for him.i mean when he look at your base,your base is showing him good medals count I guess around 450 and trophies around 40.for ex- once I find a base showing me 450 medals and 35 cups,that base was obviously tough for me,but anyway attacked on that base it was just I guess 40% completion and my hero health decreases drastically,so I took cover behind frosters recharge myself and start running towards castle gate without even touching a single tower or unit,atlast I touched the castle gate,died and then also took 7 cups from him for just 50 % completion.



This guy with 2.9k trophies gets trophies from you (4.8k trophies) for even tiny success, just because the game thinks that for anyone with that few trophies, your base should be like “MasterE” or similar maxed bases for weaker players. And while for the typical 2.9k trophy player, this assumption might be true (those probably will fail at 0-2% most of the time), it just is plainly wrong for a high-level king that stays so low on trophies.