Losing Trophies

Normally i lose trophies when i lose an island, but i reached 1850 trophies today and i constantly lose trophies without losing islands.

Anyone else have the same problem? Or are there any facts in another topic ?

Yeah, I was 2000 trophies today and I constantly losing trophies without winning some cause my opponant are too low in term of trophies… I am quite pissed, cause like you I assume I cannot do a thing to prevent this


I noticed that once I got to a higher level a lot players at my level have very low trophy count, I am guessing maybe they stopped playing. Currently the game is new so unless you paid cash to get ahead youll be at the same level of everyone else as you get higher there are no other people with those trophy counts so you cant win any. Currently I am lucky to stay even for the day around 1650, cant move up just staying still.

Yea i have a similar problem and it kind of sucks the fun out of playing a bit: So i lost one attack today due to a call i had to take and … whelp -50 trophies - That really hurts but what hurts even more is that i have to win around 20-30 matches to regain those 50 trophies :-( 


if a low lvl player attacks you and progresses but does not actually conquer your island, you wont lose the island but still lose the trophies. 

Build a good defense and good luck all 

I keep struggling to keep on top of trophies because I only win like 2-5 every island I conquer but if I lose, I get -54 or something ridiculous. That plus every time I go on the app, my notifications tell me I’ve lost a load while I’ve been gone as well. I managed to defeat Medusa islands and was really happy about making 1600 but that quickly plummeted down again. I think they should have a redo of the whole trophy thing. Makes me sad :confused:

Hi Sebubble,


Yesterday one of my alliance members, mentioned that he have same problem. His thropies were dropping without losing island. Probably some kind a bug. I think this problem is up to developers to fix



this not a bug… Loosing islands are not relative to loosing trophies. Look at the beginner guide.