losing trophies

devs plz fix this  

i have like 7 ennemey players  on my lands i click all of them  they give me 1 only 1 trophie are you kidding me 

i log in i see  7 players log out 10min later log in lost 100 ttophies  looking  on my land for that player that  got all my 100 trofee i can not seee him i see still the 7 players  that where on my lands before oke log out 15 min later log in lost 67 trophies now i am mad becausse  who the hell kill me and got 67 trophies now i look again what new player is on my land nobodey new still the same old players as before if i can make 1 trophie per fight  then how the hell i am losing so much trophies that meens 67 players attacked me ?? and why they not taken my lands then oke i need to cool down log out  10 min later log in LOST 94 trophies  now i am verry mad looking again what new player got my land  quest what  the same 7 players that where on my lands are still there  and no new players so if we can only win 1 trophie per fight  then how the hell i am losing 100+67+94=261 trofee in 30 min time and  if we only can win 1 trophie then meen 261 players attack me and i lost but none of them tookmy land hmmmmmmmmmmmm

plz fix this is good game but fix fix  this lost  money just becausse of this 

sorry for my englesh hope you understand

I feel your pain.  I am in the same position you are in.  Don’t think they fixed it with the update, they made it worse. 

i feel ya pain. but it is what it is, but im sure the devs will listen to very complaint and find an solution, they always do. 

Hey :slight_smile:

We happened to have an update which rolled out yesterday, and another one today, in order to fix the trophy issue. 

We are really sorry for the situation and are trying to fix it as much as possible, thank you for your patience and support so far, and sorry for the troubles.

The matchmaker needs a huge fix. It only shows people worth minimum trophies. Can never rise in trophies when its like that and u lose trophies at a insanely faster rate

Hey Macamus,

As more people log in, the trophy fixes will begin to take effect, and more and more trophies will become available for you to win on your island map.



Why do I now have for any victory is given only 3 trophy? And no matter difficult or easy opponent. Now is also a couple of islands occupied with guys impassable blessing that even the prayers go through is unrealistic.

It seems to go very much on their trophies rather than their levels. If they are all significantly lower than you in trophies, they will only be worth 3 no matter their level.

So I can not get them because it is very difficult. Or try using crystals 25-30, which is quite expensive. And it is not profitable due to the 3 trophies :slightly_frowning_face:
Even many has changed the number of trophies in the islands montsrov. Also on 3 gives. There are no trophies montsrov

This is still ridiculous, i am still losing trophies faster than I can gain them… 

Me too…I can only make 2-3 attacks a day for 3 trophy a each and I lost so so many trophies. I’m gonna stick around until Friday and see if this balances out or maybe I need a break from this game until I hear it’s playable.