Losing Trophies

Hi guys,


First time here. Anyway, as the title suggests, I’ve been losing trophies for no apparent reason. I haven’t lost any defense from attacks as all my heroes are still in the respected islands I’ve left them (they haven’t been sent home to Olympus). I’ve checked all my other islands as well and none, if not 1 or 2, have been newly occupied by another player/s. I understand that you lose trophies if someone occupies your undefended island, but losing 35 trophies is just questionable. I just want to know how come I’m losing this much trophies (25 to 41 trophies) when no one has defeated my defense?



Trouble is that you don’t know that your defence hasn’t been beaten. You don’t always lose an island when your defence is beaten. That’s the official line though sometimes I think the entire game is a social experiment on futility. If I take every island occupied I get less than 30 trophies. I log on 5 minutes later and I’ve lost 40 trophies. Meanwhile you have people level 38 who can stay art the top of the leaderboard with no one of a decent level able to attack them. Flare keep changing the system but never address the main causes of frustration. 

It takes a few losses to loose an island. Even harder with a hero on.

Thanks guys. I finally read the beginner’s guide as well. Wish we could access a log to show what is really happening. Everything seems so random and with a big deal of speculation on our part. Can be really frustrating and annoying as.



lost about 200 trophies since i made this topic. 3 trophies a win just wouldn’t cut it.