Loss of titan item due to disconnections

Hi all, 

I recently purchased titan horde offer, and on unlocking the chests it seems to disconnect. When I return on the game, the titan items (for 2 of the chests were gone!) Can someone please look into this? my username is Lord of Brodgar.

I probably wouldn’t have posted this but as this involved in-game purchasing, I hope this gets addressed soon. Thanks

This happened to me once, I got a titan item sword for Helen and a few other items and then the game disconnected on its own. I got back to the game and I found out I lost Helen’s titan item sword. I moved on from it mainly because I have a good sword for Helen at the moment but if it happens again, I will as hell e-mail tech support ASAP.

Tech support would do precisely nothing here. I can tell you their answer actually, the item was converted into gold.

Infamous is right. Here’s the explanation:

@Infamous Should we merge the topics?

@Tomaxo There are at least two other topics dealing with the same issue. Hence I would say don’t bother for now. I am almost done with suggestions thread I now have a set of tools that would allow me to quickly process this pile of raw data for the proper organization.

It was a Perseus titan item that would have been useful for my gatekeeper.

I am increasingly more frustrated with these bugs and if this persists in the subsequent patches I’m just going to cut back on in-app purchasing. 

Thanks for the heads up infamous, Sharknado and tomaxo 


I’d send in a support request. You won’t get the item back but you might get a free chest. 

I’ve sent a ticket more than a year ago. They answered me no compensation when a bug is involved.

That’s pretty lame. I got a free chest once. 

Same here because of a bug I am not getting 1000 gems for completing a quest and tech support is not answering to my mails at all.I have completely given up on them now at this point.

We’re at 3 straight 1st place wars, praying we won’t get this shit that you are experiencing if we win the next war.

I didn’t seek out help because it was a Helen titan sword with life on hit and I had a better sword that time. It’s bull that we lose items due to disconnection.

Nah I don’t think so you will face this issue bruv.This is a problem with my account only as my other teammate have got thier 1000 gems right after the war ended. even though They only participated in the last war in my team ??? while Imy quest is now reset for no reason.I have to win next war at all cost or else forget about about completing this quest for another four - five months​:frowning::frowning::frowning:.

Thanks Dumpster for that. Fingers crossed but not that hopeful, will keep you guys posted if anything comes of this. 


Yikes Holydivine, that sucks big time, I remember in my last team we got to 3 consecutive wins then got smashed in the 4th. Hope you will pull through for the 4/ technically 5th war. 


This is my third time winning three straight wars. The fourth war on my 1st and 2nd attempts on 1000 gems with two different alliances ended up in my alliance getting wrecked. :wink: