Lost Account: OVRSLO

Hi Flare Team,

Yesterday I was unable to connect to RR2.

I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the game and now I cannot access my old account that I can see is still there. PC Windows10. Game version 3.8

Player Name: OVRSLO, Level 93

Ive already submitted a request with detailed information about my account. 

I’m just trying to bring attention to this because I enjoy playing and don’t want to let my Alliance down as we are in the middle of the newest Ninja Event.

@GalaMorgane Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Many Thanks,


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Not a lot info here. Which OS?

Support is not working on Weekends.

But did you try connecting to Facebook? That serves as a Backup and can restore your playerif connected before.

Also on PC, there is a settings.dat file you could copy (maybe from a backup). I do not have the exact path right now but can send it later if you need it.

Hi @MagischerKoenig

Yea, I know they most likely won’t see this until the week, if even seen. :slight_smile:  They’re usually pretty quick about getting back to me from previously submitted requests. 

I included all that information in my request. Currently using the latest version of the game with PC Windows 10.

Have not tried connecting with Facebook, but will try that next. Cannot remember if I’ve connected before with it. Thanks for the information. :slight_smile:

Well, I think it must have been connected to FB recently, but not 100% sure.

In any case, if you have a backup, look for the .dat file in this floder and replace it.


You should have your player back instantly or after finishing the first tutorial of the game. Good luck.

You should keep your account saved on the cloud, it is very easy to restore the account from there. Once you get back access to your account, just go tothe game settings and mark the cloud option :slight_smile:

When you have OneDrive on pc, it is easy to restore your gameaccount.  If not, you have to ask flare to do it

yep, this is what I have. Unfortunately, I did not have this when my laptop broke, so I had to rely on support and then hope no one had stolen my account

I still say you shouldn’t need facebook or other third party gizmos for your account backup and syncing but I guess I’m weird like that. Then again, everything else in this game requires third party substitutes so why should this be any different.

Why not? What should it be backed up to? Itself? 

I guess. Why can’t there be a login/password authentification like every-damn-where else? Why should facebook have access to even more of my stuff? Just because it doesn’t take effort?

(yes, I don’t like facebook, in case that wasn’t clear by now. )

hello you must give more info to flare team here:

and send ticket to costumer support.
take care.

When u are logged with Microsoft account (hotmail of outlook.com )  it will be backup in One Drive. Cheers

Hello, @OVRSLO! Kindly do what @mostafaxxx has instructed and reach for our Support staff, as they will be able to take action on your issue. Thanks!

That`s what she did already …

No, I know that! Jiggle was saying that there shouldn’t be “third party gizmos” to help get your account back. I think you are confusing what I actually said with me thinking that I didn’t know how to connect to one drive

Well technically onedrive is also a third party gizmo, the difference it being an extension from the OS provider rather than a completely different platform. Only a slightly better solution, as I distrust Microsoft probably as much as I distrust Facebook.