Lost account

Dear Flaregames,



I played Royal Revolt 2 for a long time ago. My king’s level was 109. i played on the laptop. My computer was stolen.  I saved all my passwords on the google chorme and almost everything on my laptop was also stolen. The only thing i can remember is my game name. i bought alot of gems in the store but i could not give you my bills. How can i do to get my account? Thank you very much.

Do you at last remember your IGN (in-game-name) ? If yes please contact http://feedback.flaregames.com/ providing all the info you remember also your current king’s level and they will take care of the situation.


would suggest you submit this to feedback.flaregames.com , support team know what to do but I doubt you can get your account back without the bills cuz its not impossible to access your email on different device if you remember the password.Would be really suspicious if you don’t remember email password since it should be very important thing plus you can alway retrieve your email back via the forgot password option or something similar.





Thank you, but i lost my laptop and everything on my laptop. Maybe the thief changed a password of all my account. i can not give Flaregames my bills.


I never save password in my computer, except old one that I don’t use anymore (in case I need to get back an abandoned account). This game is not account based, which is really bad in my opinion. I hope this will change soon = =