Lost Connection at PL

Can I get back my wasted time-by lost connection ?
* did not get reconnected, game restarted, FG declared mission VI as a lost, forced to repeat the raid, wasted 3mins there
Feedback for FG:
Similar to ninja’s ‘lost connection issue’ solution, Increase PL time.

I have a solution for you.

Get a good Internet Connection.

And you Problem will be Solved.


I nominate you for the Hero of the Day.

What? seriously? wow thanks man a really good advice ?You are us Hero

Aw geez, never thought of that one before. I never considered my stable 120mbps internet to be the issue! Pfft who woulda thought?

the same thing happened to me my wifi is working perfectly  nothing wrong with my connection nor my device it was clearly flare mistake and this was their answer 

Oh actually I’m not having this problem so i thought i could be Internet issue.?

Oh thanks you, I’m the hero of the day?